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The September Release is warm and inviting...just like your favorite coffee shop! This month, Sandy's translated that cozy home-away-from-home feel into a darling card featuring one of the new designs from Birdie Brown — Sweater Weather in the Woods.

Happy fall! It’s Sandy Allnock, and I’m back to visit with your favorite yummy fall drink in-hand for you — are you a pumpkin spice type of person? Or a #neverpumpkinspicer?

Handmade card from Sandy Allnock featuring products from My Favorite Things #mftstamps

Despite not being a coffee drinker (and I live near Seattle! Gasp!), I love to make coffee shop cards — and that’s what I’ve got for you today with the Sweater Weather in the Woods set. I've also got silly stories while I color...especially the moose tale; that one made it into a Toastmasters speech and had the room rolling with laughter!

Handmade card from Sandy Allnock featuring products from My Favorite Things #mftstamps

Pour yourself a cup of your favorite beverage and imagine we’re crafting together. Join me as I color up the cafe:


I actually created this with fewer colors than expected for a full scene because I limited the coloring to two-color blends. Yep, I broke the three-colors-to-blend “rule”! Just don’t go for the darkest one you normally would, so you don’t have as big a jump between colors.

Copic Coloring with Sandy Allnock featuring products from My Favorite Things #mftstamps

For the masking, start with the image in the front and work your way backward. However, on this one, I had to cheat with the beaver’s coffee cup and draw his paws in over the top of the cup. That’ll be our little secret, ok?

Copic stamping with Sandy Allnock featuring products from My Favorite Things #mftstamps

The “masking” of an embossed sentiment is easy if you think about it right — get everything ready as usual, then grab a brush and dust the powder off in the area you want to clear! Easy peasy. Just rinse all that powder out of your brush so you don’t forget and start painting with it.

Handmade card from Sandy Allnock featuring products from My Favorite Things #mftstamps

Hope you enjoyed our little coffee break — let’s do this again next month, okey-dokey?

Happy fall!


Has Sandy inspired you to try your hand at creating a welcoming scene for sweater-donning friends? Tag #mftstamps so we can check out your work — admiring your projects is one of our favorite things to do!



Thank you for the video- this a fabulos and adorable card!

Tracy October 03, 2019

Sandy this is awesome! I always love watching your videos!

Lagene September 10, 2019

Love, Love Sandy’s work!!

Barbara Rokke September 07, 2019

This is so amazing! And I can’t believe Sandy has seen a real life moose – it would have been fun if it wasn’t so scary!
Love the card and the fun coffee shop scene!

Gab September 07, 2019

What an amazing card – I love the chalkboard menu with the sentiment…so clever!

Claire A September 06, 2019
Another wonderful video Sandy, thank you! You create the most amazing scenery for your stamps. Loved the moose story too😁
Leslie September 06, 2019

This card is so stinking cute. I love these little guys.

Fran Smith September 06, 2019

This card is so stinking cute. I love these little guys.

Fran Smith September 06, 2019

I love this card! I am a winter and coffee enthusiast, and these little dudes are just adorable. Love MFT images, and your backgrounds, Sandy are just so adorable. I want to go there and join them!

Nancy Mullins September 06, 2019

The coffee shop theme rocks! TFS your art work! Beautiful =- happy dance to the winners!

Gail Scott September 06, 2019

Thanks once again for creating a scene that is so adorable! :)

Janet Durbin September 06, 2019

What a great card! I just love this coffee shop scene; these animals are adorable. :) Congratulations to the winners!!

Terrie D. September 06, 2019

How sweeet!!! This is a darling coffee shop with the cute critters! And your moose story! Yep, that is terrifying! Then I remembered a moose encounter in Alaska and how I felt so tiny next to it. Glad I’m here and not up there 😊

Rosy Newlun September 06, 2019

Fantastic coloring Sandy!! Love the details! <3
Congratulations to the winners :)

Karthikha Uday September 06, 2019

Wonderful card! There are so many little things that you don’t notice when you look at the whole card (shadows of items in the glass case), but they just contribute to the overall picture so beautifully. Watching the card appear from a blank piece of card just highlights how much work is involved. Sandy, thanks so much for taking us through your process. It’s so helpful to know the steps behind the card, so we can start thinking a scene through for ourselves.

Olive M September 06, 2019

Sandy! Love your scenes , love your coloring, love your logic, loved your story, love your bright spirit! Thanks for sharing. Cute, cute winter set. Take care and STAY POSITIVE!!

Trena September 06, 2019

Gorgeous card Sandy, lots of tips and great story! Thank you so much for showing and have a great weekend.

Henriétte September 06, 2019

Sandy, your moose—in-the-woods story was hilarious and terrifying! Don’t blame you for not heading back to that spot, sheesh!! We have lots of moose around in Algonquin Park here and they are quite treacherous if you’re driving (or not LOL). But I digress… Your card is just TOO cute. I’ve wanted that stamp since it was launched (it’s a must-have now) and thank you for once again inspiring us with Copic brilliance and awesome storytelling ❤️

Didi Leonard September 06, 2019

Sandy makes adding in the details look so easy and still they look great. I love this set of stamps.

Mary Ellen Guikema September 06, 2019

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