Summer School – It’s Your Turn to Learn: Color Temperatures


The last day of MFT Summer School has arrived, and before we clean out our desks and fill up our backpacks one last time, we have one more lesson to share with you today.

It’s been an absolute pleasure being your principal this summer, and I want to thank our talented teaching staff for working with me to bring you these fifteen fantastic lessons. Without all of their hard work, we never could have made it happen. So a gold star and hearty thanks to Julia, Kay, Keisha, Kimberly, and Stephanie for their invaluable contributions.

Next month, we will be back with something EXTRA special which will allow you to really show your stuff. So print up the three study guides from Session One, Session Two, and Session Three and study up. September is going to be final exam time, so to speak. How’s that for piquing your interest? 😉

Alrighty. Time to open up your notebooks one last time, class. Let’s begin.

Lesson #15 – Color: Color Temperatures

For our final lesson of MFT Summer School, let’s take a look at the intentional use of color to create a mood for our designs with various Color Temperatures. The temperature of colors can be seen in the varying color hues used to create a mood.

The first group of colors are Neutrals (black, white, browns, grays). A neutral color palette like the one that Kimberly used below often evokes a classy, elegant, sophisticated, and glamorous feel.

Handmade cards from Kimberly Crawford featuring Watercolor Flowers stamp set.

Another group of colors is the Cool Colors (blues, purples, greens). A cool color combination like the one that Kay used in the card below evokes a calm, serene, and harmonious feel.

Handmade cards from Kay Miller featuring Peerless Watercolors.

You can heat things up with the Warm Colors (reds, yellows, oranges)Teri‘s warm colors in the card below evoke an energetic, optimistic, exciting, playful, and happy feel.

Handmade cards from Teri Anderson featuring Four Way Chevron Cover-Up Die-namics.

Today’s instructor is My Favorite Things Design Team member Kimberly Crawford. Click HERE or simply watch the video below to learn more about when and how (and when) to use the various types of Color Temperatures in your designs.

I love how Kimberly even matched her card bases and embellishments to the mood by consciously choosing colors that furthered the mood she was going for.

Handmade cards from Kimberly Crawford featuring Brushstroke Birthday stamp set.

Can you see how the different color temperatures give these cards three different moods? Now that you know a little more about color temperatures, you can intentionally choose colors that reflect the meaning of your design.

To aid in your learning, we have created a My Favorite Things Summer School Session Three Study Guide. Download it HERE, and then print it. It will be a handy tool that you can refer to as you design!

This week you’re the student, and instead of grades, we’ve got two prizes per day and two ways to win. Using today’s lesson, we’d love for you to create a project that exemplifies what you learned and upload it to the link below. Master the lesson and win a $50 voucher from My Favorite Things and be featured on the blog on August 25th. Just by participating, you’ll be entered into a drawing to win a $20 voucher, so everyone has a chance!

MFT Summer School Color Temperatures

All entries must be submitted by noon EDT on August 21st. Winners will be announced here on the blog on Tuesday, August 25th.

Here’s your homework for your chance to win:
  1. Create a project following the lesson you learned today.
  2. Be sure to link your project below for your chance to win!

Before you go, be sure to stop by the blogs of these members of our Creative Team for more lessons in how to use the various types of Color Temperatures in your projects.


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Now make sure to do your homework! Thanks for being such great students!