Typewriter Text Background


We share a love of handcrafted items. The idea of doing something manually — of manipulating scissors, paper, and glue to create something new and beautiful — is an ideal that appeals to us all. Writing with a typewriter instead of a computer holds a similar charm. The slight imperfection of what we create reinforces the idea that a person made this, with a little bit of their heart and soul evident in each finished project. The Typewriter Text Background synthesizes those ideas into a versatile pattern that is perfect for reinforcing a theme or simply providing a bit of subtle texture on your cards and tags.

Our background stamps are perfect for square cards or A2 cards in either a vertical or horizontal orientation. This stamp can be used with a large mount, or it can be laid face up and inked. Transfer the image by positioning your paper on top of the inked stamp and pressing evenly with your hand or a brayer.

Our rubber stamps are made in the USA from deeply etched, high-quality gray rubber backed with cling foam, ready to stamp straight from the package!

May 2022 Release - 5 3/4" x 5 3/4” rubber stamp