Translucent Vellum

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Package includes (10) sheets of 8 1/2" x 11" 30 lb vellum.

This vellum is compatible with laser printing but has not been tested with all printer models or toners. We cannot guarantee the results you'll achieve with your specific printer setup.

Step up Your Crafting with Translucent Vellum

There is an endless variety of products designed to add interest to your projects, but few are as versatile as translucent vellum. You probably have a vast array of card stock in every color of the rainbow, but if you haven't added vellum to your repertoire, now is the time to make it happen. Impart some mystery, enhance ethereal imagery, or subdue an overwhelming pattern " from subtle to bold, vellum can do it all.

There are several techniques and applications that make translucent vellum an inspired choice:

  • Die cutting: From simple shapes to components of a larger composition, die-cut vellum will make a beautiful addition to your projects. Consider using vellum to create ghosts for Halloween projects. Or imagine an all-vellum bouquet for a wedding card — what a stunning possibility. Even a simple geometric pattern created with a series of basic shapes takes on new levels of interest when created with vellum.
  • Layering: Vellum is an ideal layering material as it allows for an enticing peek of what lies beneath. Soften a bold patterned paper, add some allure to mystical, magical stamped images like fairies or unicorns, or layer simply cut scenic layers to mimic snowy hills or undulating waves. Using translucent vellum within a peek-a-boo window opening invites your recipient to take a closer look at the magic contained within.
  • Embossing: Whatever your embossing preference, vellum is an ideal starting point. Use flexible stencils or a favorite die paired with embossing pads to create a textured, dry-embossed result. Grab your heat tool and a favorite embossing powder to create a shiny, touchable heat-embossed look. Choose a simple sentiment or image, or go for a full-blown pattern using one of our extensive collection of rubber background stamps to create an unforgettable look.
  • Coloring: Adding color to your vellum opens a whole new world of possibilities. Coloring with watercolors, pencils, or inks allows you to maintain the inherent translucence of the material while adding vibrancy and variation. Use a heat tool to speed the drying process but take care not to warp the vellum by holding the tool too close or for an extended period.
  • Texturizing: Among the simplest vellum applications is texturizing. Creased vellum becomes opaque, creating not only texture but variation in translucency. Ball it up and flatten it out to add intense texture, or use a stylus and precisely planned pattern to add geometric texture. Top your textured panel with a die-cut sentiment, and in mere minutes, you've created a card with impact!

When you create a handmade card, you do it with love in your heart and a genuine desire to demonstrate feelings of devotion, appreciation, and consideration. Making the effort to focus on the details makes you feel great and won't go unnoticed by your recipient, even the least crafty among your circle of friends and family.

Are you ready to take your crafting to the next level? Add translucent vellum to your stash today! 

Package includes (10) sheets of 8 1/2" x 11" 30 lb vellum.