Notebook Paper Paper Pad


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There's something about the promise of a new sheet of notebook paper — it could be the start of almost anything! A grocery list, a series of math equations, a heartfelt missive, the notes that will come together at some point to become a best-selling novel, or even just the scribbled doodles you make absentmindedly as you chat on the phone with your sister…whew! This paper pad opens up a world of possibilities for your cards and tags, while a rainbow of line options ensures the perfect match for each new project.

This pad includes (24) sheets of double-sided paper. The 6" x 6" size makes these patterns ideal for card making but equally fitting for creating accents and embellishments for a variety of paper-crafting applications. The back cover features corresponding color matches to make it easy to coordinate with our exclusive range of MFT card stock colors. 

August 2022 Release