How long have you been making cards?

It must be coming up on seven years now, we all know how time flies when you're having fun crafting!

Do you have other crafty hobbies you enjoy?

Not so much anymore, but of course, my cardmaking is quite full-on these days! With that said, I am creative by nature, I always have been. I enjoy interior design and cooking great food, and I also enjoy garden design and gardening in general.

What’s your favorite technique for adding interest to your projects?

I think that my favorite technique right now is adding real depth to my Copic Marker coloring, by which I mean I'm far braver about adding deep shadows and shading using the gray markers over the top of the primary color. It really is impactful, and I encourage others to give it a try and to probably go one to two shades deeper than you initially feel comfortable with, then blend it out with lighter toning shades of gray. It's really worth experimenting with.

What’s your current favorite MFT product?

Tricky! I love it all, but since I've just restocked my stash, I'll give a big shout-out to the amazing MFT Prestige Card Stock. It is sturdy, which I appreciate, the colors are phenomenal, and of course, they tone effortlessly with the 6" x 6" paper pads.