How long have you been making cards?

I’ve been creating cards since I was 20 years old, more or less. For many years I created only Christmas and birthday cards, and I often drew my own subjects instead of using stamps. About ten years ago, I decided to start creating cards not only for specific occasions but mostly for the pleasure of it. And since then, I have not been able to stop! :)

Do you have other crafty hobbies you enjoy?

I've always loved creativity in all its forms, and over the years, I've had many crafty hobbies: painting, sewing, embroidery, costume jewelry, wood carving, polymer clay, and more. At the moment, I am in love with tapestry weaving, but unfortunately, I don't have much time to devote to it.

What’s your favorite technique for adding interest to your projects?

You know, I’m a coloring teacher, so for me, coloring in my projects is a must. I like to create scenes and mix different coloring mediums to get a more interesting result. I also like to add a dramatic touch to my projects by often adding vignetting to my backgrounds.

What’s your current favorite MFT product?

I love all MFT products, but the stamps are always my favorite. I'm especially in love with the YUZU stamps! I love Yan's designs and think her stamps are perfect for coloring! I also really like the MFT Prestige Card Stock, especially the No-line Coloring Card Stock, which is perfect for coloring with alcohol markers.