How long have you been making cards?

I started making cards in 2015 when I got frustrated that I was unable to find an 18th birthday card for my nephew. The local card shop, that I had been loyal to for years, began carrying less exciting cards. And on that day, they only had two 18th birthday cards. Unfortunately, the two cards were both for girls! I was determined that I was capable of making a better one for my nephew. I had so much fun making a personalized card for him that I never looked back, and have been making my own cards ever since.

Do you have other crafty hobbies you enjoy?

I love sewing and spent many years creating Halloween costumes for my children. I also love cooking and baking.

What’s your favorite technique for adding interest to your projects?

I love highlighting my coloring with a white gel pen. And I love the unexpected dimensions of box cards.

What’s your current favorite MFT product?

I have always thought that My Favorite Things was the perfect name for this company because ALL of the products really are my favorite things! But I do have extra special love for cute critters, alphabet and bold word dies, and box cards.