MSTN Mixtape Sentiments

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The looped tape of an unraveled cassette used to result in frustration, but the tangle of tape featured in Mixtape Sentiments inspires an increased heartbeat in the best possible way. You give a mixtape to those that mean the most — best friends, significant others, or those you hope to make one or the other sometime soon! Simply position the scripty sentiments with the complementary Cassette Tape to craft a message that means so much. Additionally, this set includes the lines and phrases you need to customize the tape label for a realistic trip back in time.

Sentiments: You Make My Heart Smile, Happy, Do Not Tape Over, Sweetheart Mix, Rockin' Tunes, For My Love

Our clear stamps are made in the USA and include the name of the set on the sticker for easy identification.

January 2023 Release - 4" x 6" clear stamp set – (17) piece set

  • Tape loop sentiments (7) 2 1/2" wide
  • Cassette lines 2 5/8" x 1/4"