Design a Fall-Inspired Custom Patterned Panel with Yana Smakula

This gorgeous fall panel from Yana is positively packed with inspiration but all contained in a neat, single-layer design that is deceptive in its simplicity. Yana always has inspiring ideas for us — this time, she's got some great tips for planning the placement of your elements, choosing colors, and tucking away your tester for future project inspiration. We're so thankful for her spirit of sharing, and we're so thankful for YOU.

Handmade card from Yana Smakula featuring products from My Favorite Things #mftstamps

Learn more about Yana's process on YouTube or by playing the embedded video below. 



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I love fall stamps and these are great.

Barbara Whiting September 11, 2022

You can never have too many punkin stamps.

Kim T September 10, 2022

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