What a Treat! Enjoy Sweet Christmas Wishes from Yana Today on MFTv

A new video from Yana is always a lesson in innovation and making the most of your supplies. Today's video features the gorgeous Pretty Poinsettias set from Deane Beesley Designs — a fantastic choice for crafting elegant holiday cards this season! While you'll come for the tips on shaping a wreath of poinsettia blooms and adding depth by layering color, you'll stay for Yana's ideas for other ways this versatile set can be used for other design applications!

Handmade card from Yana Smakula featuring products from My Favorite Things #mftstamps

Learn more about Yana's process on the MFT YouTube channel or by playing the embedded video below. 



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Stunning work on these! Such rich colors. Love the whole card

Pam November 05, 2022

Somehow I missed this set. You showed it off beautifully! What a simple, yet festive design. I love the way you use Copic markers and encourage us to get busy with them. Both cards are lovely, I like the brown leaves on the upper poinsettia, but not so much on the lower right hand one. It seems to take over more on that one. I watch and enjoy all your videos and thank you for sharing your talent and crafting joy with us all! Blessings, Virginia near Myrtle Beach, SC

Virginia Weston October 31, 2022

Hi, Yana and MFTS -
Thanks for the video. It’s great to hear from you each and every time through SSS or MFTS or any other channel including your own. These cards are lovely. I do not like the brown “petals” or leaves as much as the red, but I can appreciate the richness of their hue. I pretty much love whatever you make, honestly! You’re a rare gem of a talent, Yana! TFS -
Lori S in PA

Lori Spitzer October 31, 2022

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