Making the Most of Happy Accidents — Today on MFTv!

How often does a happy accident in your crafting lead to a result even better than what you intended? Serendipitous reactions like the hue mixing Mindy accomplished with her cast-off color often inspire more experimentation and help you master new techniques you can work into your repertoire. In today's episode of MFTv, see how Mindy's surprise discovery provided the perfect pop of color and contrast for her layered die cuts.

Handmade card from Mindy Eggen featuring products from My Favorite Things #mftstamps

Learn more about Mindy's process on the MFT YouTube channel or by playing the embedded video below. 



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Pretty card!! TFS – I need to pick up some of that type of spray.
Lori S in PA

Lori Spitzer October 03, 2022

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