Watercolor Sweethearts to Celebrate Your Sweetheart — This Week on MFTv

That sweet bear couple is the star of the show on Ashley's card, but they shine thanks to the beautiful blended heart that serves as a backdrop. Some of the best discoveries happen when you have nothing to lose and are free to experiment. In this week's episode of MFTv, Ashley had a vision in mind when she created her heart backdrop, but once she started down the path, she quickly realized it wasn't turning out quite how she envisioned. When something like that happens, you have two choices — either start over with a new end goal in mind or simply play with what you have to see what happens. You might be pleasantly surprised by what you can create. And who knows? You could find yourself with a brand new technique in your crafty toolbox!

Handmade card from Ashley Tucker featuring products from My Favorite Things #mftstamps

Handmade card from Ashley Tucker featuring products from My Favorite Things #mftstamps

Watch this week’s episode of MFTv on YouTube or by playing the embedded video below. To be entered into the weekly drawing, be sure to leave a comment on this video on our YouTube channel – the winner will be selected from there!



SY Being with You
SY Being with You
Card Stock
Foam Mounting Tape 1/2"

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Adorable. Love the blended heart.

Rochelle Schiffbauer April 09, 2021

great for an anniversary card!

Barb Carter April 08, 2021

Beautiful blend & darling critters!!!

Wendy McD April 08, 2021

So cute! Love the sunset colors in the heart!

Erika April 08, 2021

Too cute.. would be great for my anniversary coming up

Angelique St Gelais April 08, 2021

Su cute ☺️

Jamie Seymour April 08, 2021

Such a great idea to have a blended heart. Looking at the clouds to me seemed like a picture window from a far. Having the opportunity to blend your white for a correction turned out nicely. Who doesn’t love kissing bears. Love your watercolor technique.

Susan Strong April 05, 2021

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