🍿 It's a Double Feature — the Second and Final Day of the At the Movie Card Kit Preview Is Here!

Yesterday, we revealed the newest MFT kit: At the Movies. It's an incredible value with a purchase price of $62.99 (that's more than 30% off the cost of purchasing the elements separately!) and provides a fantastic starting point for even more design opportunities! 

Today's extensive selection of add-on products provides additional elements to complement a variety cinematic scenes.

Keep scrolling to learn about all the add-on products you can purchase to coordinate with the At the Movies Card Kit. You can purchase the kit and add-on products tomorrow Tuesday, March 28 at 10 AM EDT...get ready to shop!

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  • Winners will be randomly selected will be announced at 10 AM EDT on March 28.

Here's a reminder of what's included in the At the Movies Card Kit to help you envision all the possibilities the add-ons provide!



Set the scene for a relaxing night in with the Room Décor Die-namics. This set feature decorative accents that provide a personal touch to essential furniture pieces. It’s an ideal complement to the Movies and Chill set, but you’ll be delighted to discover all the other products in your stash that will benefit from the addition of these stylish pieces.


Handmade card from Rachel Alvarado featuring products from My Favorite Things #mftstamps


It’s not a trip to the movies unless you make a pit stop at the concession stand en route to your seat and possibly, drop as much, or more, moola on the snacks as you did the tickets! This multi-piece design includes a base, optional window and shelves to display a variety of candy boxes, and a pendant light to showcase all the delicious treats. This is the perfect starting point for accessorizing with the Concession Stand Basics and Movie Munchies sets.

Get your popcorn…get your popcorn right here. That’s not all, though — you can also get your fountain drinks and slushies! This trio of machines represent some of the most sought-after movie treats. Each features several pieces that layer perfectly to create realistic representations of essential theater snack and drink machines. The Movie Munchies die set includes individual-sized portions of these treats, and more — a perfect combo for finishing off your theater scenes!



All your movie faves are here, but don’t be limited by the name of the set! Popcorn, nachos, candy, and drinks are perfect for everything from the ballpark to backyard birthdays so get creative with how you integrate the elements into your scenes! Movie Munchies are a must when you’re playing with the appliances in Concession Stand Basics and the “CANDY” word in the Concession Signage stamp set is sized to fit the included boxes. You can’t help but pop up something fun with products as irresistible as these!


Handmade card from Anja Bytyqi featuring products from My Favorite Things #mftstamps


There’s nothing like settling into a plush theater seat in anticipation of a movie you’ve been waiting to see. Bring that inimitable feeling to your cards with the rich, luxurious layers included in Same Me a Seat. This assembly, with its padded seats and built-in cup holders, is more throne than seat — fit for cinema-appreciating royalty, really! Customize by adding your choice of theater snacks for the ones you like and love that appreciate a trip to the movies as much as you do.


Handmade card from Carly Tee Minner featuring products from My Favorite Things #mftstamps


Dress up the pair of options included in Make a Sign with menu board listings and graphic representations of classic movie treats with this petite set. Additionally, small word options are included to customize the equipment in Concessions Stand Basics and even a tiny “CANDY” word sized to fit on the candy boxes featured in the Movie Munchies set.



There are casual friends, then there are movie buddies — the kind that understands the perfect timing to sneak in an observation about the movie you’re watching together. From romantic nights at home on the couch to trips with your gang of friends for a night at the theater, Picture-Perfect Sentiments has a just-right sentiment to pair with a huge range of movie-themed designs to celebrate your relationships.

Handmade card from Laura Doval featuring products from My Favorite Things #mftstamps


Inspired by iconic movie lines, At the Movies – Romance celebrates love and longing with a beautiful font pairing and scene-setting silhouettes. There’s a long history of classic cinema that recognizes love in all its forms and this stamp set is a must for bringing that feeling to projects intended for your significant other.

Handmade card from Sindhura Prajay featuring products from My Favorite Things #mftstamps

Get a more in-depth overview of the At the Movies Card Kit on the MFT YouTube channel or by playing the embedded video below!


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Amazing details! Dies in these kits are always amazingly detailed

KC Wong April 06, 2023

WOWZA 😳 Y’all hit it out of the ball park with this release!!! It’s absolutely adorable and so versatile. Juices are flowing with ideas galore!

Connie Johnson March 29, 2023

The older couple is my favorite. How sweeeet.

Sharon Gullikson March 28, 2023

This kit is so exceptional on it’s own…but the add ons are really taking it over the top. Movies are such fun and since retirement, we go a lot!

Anne Sturgeon March 28, 2023

Super fun sets. I love the big chair. Hugz

ionabunny March 28, 2023

Well these are real scene builders! Every single one is adorable!

Susan Babcock March 28, 2023

So many fun Die-namics to make great scenes. I love that they are the same scale/size as previously released sets so they can be used together. Double the fun!

Tammy W March 28, 2023

Love the movie theme! Popcorn 🍿

Donna B March 28, 2023

Love this new kits! Thanks for the inspiration. :D

Janet Sisk March 27, 2023

I LOVE all of these add on dies. The main kit is unique and awesome but these extra dies just make it over the top!

Karen Briguglio March 27, 2023

So cute, so many way you can use this kit and all the add-ons. Great release!

Mendy Crumpton March 27, 2023

This kit release is awesome!!!!!!

Kris March 27, 2023

This kit release is awesome!!!!!!

Kris March 27, 2023

So much tiny goodness leads to BIG fun! I am so loving this Kit!! Can be used for almost any occasion!

Christine Kiehl March 27, 2023

Such a fun kit. The cards are awesome.

Jeanne Beam March 27, 2023

What fun projects and inspiration!

Heidi Rees March 27, 2023

Totally love it!!! I haven’t been this excited for a card kit! It looks so fun and I can’t wait to make some cards with this wonderful kit!!!

Liz March 27, 2023

Wow; so well-thought-out! Love, love love it!

Kristi H. March 27, 2023

Theses are just so fun!

Heather Mills March 27, 2023

Wow! You’ve thought of everything with this kit and add-ons!!! Great kit!!!

Emma Sleppy March 27, 2023

Once again, you guys have created a great kit and have thought of everything. I love all your kits, they create wonderful scenes. I’m totally a fan.

Minnie Lewis March 27, 2023

Love all the great add-ons! Super cute … can’t wait. :)

Lisa P. March 27, 2023

I love this idea and concept. What a great set of ideas from the DT.

Mel H March 27, 2023

Wow, what an interesting kit, love the idea!

Corry Hill March 27, 2023

Hands down, this is one of the coolest kits and add-on sets so far. LOVE IT!

Cynthia Cole March 27, 2023

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