Clickety-Clack — Guess Who's Back? Join Laura Bassen in Creating a Colorful Keyboard for Your Fabulous Friends!


Yes, you *could* cut typewriter keys from multiple colors of card stock and inlay them back into the keyboard, but Laura has a simpler solution that allows for even more customization! So grab your markers, things are about to get COLORFUL (in rainbow order, of course). Your friends deserve the best, and this charming design provides a fantastic way to spell out your feelings and intentions in irresistible retro style.

Handmade card from Laura Bassen featuring products from My Favorite Things #mftstamps

Learn more about Laura's process on the MFT YouTube channel or by playing the embedded video below. 



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What an awesome card!!! Love it—AND Laura’s blog!!

Linda Davis February 03, 2023

This is just my TYPE of video – excellent and not terribly long. Thanks to MFTS and to the fabulous Ms. Bassen!
Lori S in PA

Lori Spitzer February 03, 2023

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