🎵 Pump Up the Jams — the Mixtape Card Kit Will Get Your Heart Pumping!

Our coordinated collections are a single-purchase product — no need to commit to a long-term subscription. The purchase price of the Mixtape Card Kit is $49.99 — that's more than 30% off the cost of purchasing the elements separately!

If you’d prefer to purchase the individual components, you can do that too. The Mixtape Sentiments stamp set, Take Shape stamp set, and Cassette Tape Die-namics will be released at the same time as the kit. Additionally, two add-on products will be available as well — keep reading to learn about them all, and check out projects from the team. You can purchase the kit and add-ons tomorrow Tuesday, January 3 at 10 AM EST, so set your alarm now!

Join us on social media for your chance to win. There will be opportunities on both Instagram and Facebook, so connect with us today!

  • You can enter to win by commenting on today's kit countdown post before 8 PM EST on January 2. Please leave only one comment per person.
  • One winner will be randomly selected, and the winner will be announced at 10 AM EST on January 3.

Pump Up the Jams With a Cool Kit That Recalls the Musical Magic of Portable Tunes

If you’re ready to be instantly transported back in time to the days when a set of foam headphones and a small plastic rectangle could immerse you in your feelings or help you escape from them, even for just a little while, then you’re ready to add the Mixtape Card Kit to your stash.

This kit features a die set to build a cassette tape, coordinating sentiments to add a realistic finishing touch for the tape, and a selection of super-rad shapes to design the background of your 80’s-loving dreams.

In addition to a die set and two stamp sets, you'll love the incredible array of card stock, vellum, and brushed silver paper options.

Handmade card from Sara Zoppi featuring products from My Favorite Things #mftstamps

Handmade card from Jennifer Rustioni featuring products from My Favorite Things #mftstamps

Mixtape Messages

Handmade card from Sindhura Prajay featuring products from My Favorite Things #mftstamps

Portable Jams Die-namics


Handmade card from Marieke Slaats featuring products from My Favorite Things #mftstamps

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I love this set so much! I bought it right away and made cards for a dozen friends as soon as it came in. Can’t love it enough!

Sheri January 29, 2023

Fun! Fun! Fun ! I’ve had so much fun making these !

Sandy January 16, 2023

This set is so my era! I could make so many cards for people who would go back in time!! Can’t wait

Dawn January 12, 2023

I am in love with this set! Child of the 80s and lived that mixtape life 🤣

Tara Boston January 05, 2023

The best set ever!!

Heather Rambow January 04, 2023

Oh my gosh, my 80s heart is so happy right now!!!

Lisascreativeniche January 03, 2023

I grew up in the mix-tape era, so this kit brings back a lot of fond memories!

Mel H January 03, 2023

How cool! This would be perfect to send to my old school friends :D

Lisa Naab January 03, 2023

This takes me back! The sentiments are so on point!

Rechelle Pace January 03, 2023

Wow, the intricate die for the cassette player. Very well thought out. I love the loopy sentiments that come with it but I would need the add ons. MFT you are blowing my New Years resolution on the 3rd day!

Milena Patterson January 03, 2023

Wow another amazing throwback to our era!!! I love it and will be definitely picking this one up. Thanks MFT!

Lila Vecino January 03, 2023

OMG! I have Belinda Carlisle in my head and I’m dancing around picking what song I’m going to tape next before the long family car trip… let’s throw in some Roxette and early Madonna! I love this card kit. And my 80s and 90s friends are getting awesome birthday cards this year!

Melissa January 03, 2023

This kit totally hits all the notes ; )

Meagan W January 03, 2023

LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! Such a fabulous kit!

Frederica Bond January 03, 2023

This is absolutely amazing. Love these old mixtapes. Takes me back to the ‘90 where my older brother taught me how to record my fav songs of the radio😍

Patricia Choi January 03, 2023

Absolutely love this kit!

storymusicgirl January 03, 2023

How fun! And, yes, I am old enough to remember mixtapes. LOL Thanks for the inspiration and chance to win, too.

Janet Sisk January 03, 2023

Each kit gets better and better! I love this one and I can’t wait to get it!

Andrea Weber January 02, 2023

Loving each of the parts of this kit, perfectly “legacy” – and those headphones! Onto the wishlist

Amy S. Corr January 02, 2023

that tape die is awesome!

Pai C Meng January 02, 2023

Oh my gosh, this is the absolute cutest & totally perfect to bring a blast from the bast to 2023. I wouldn’t dare to make a guess as to how many mix tapes I have made and now how fun that I could make them again using paper as the medium. How fun to make these cards for friends that also remember mix tapes and how both fun & important they were to our youth.

GINGER McDONALD January 02, 2023

I’m so old school. I love this

Michelle LaRue January 02, 2023

This is the best card kit yet!!

Delana Lyman January 02, 2023

What a cool kit!! I had a Walkman just like that…mix tapes were the best!

Kari January 02, 2023

This is my jam!

Elizabeth Vitek January 02, 2023

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