Did You LOVE the Debut of the Serenity Now Card Kit? Hold On Tight, There's So Much More to See!

Yesterday, we revealed the newest MFT kit: Serenity Now. It's an incredible value with a purchase price of $63.99 (that's more than 30% off the cost of purchasing the elements separately!) and provides a fantastic starting point for even more design opportunities! 

Today's extensive selection of add-on products provides additional elements to complete a bathroom scene, as well as some cheeky sentiments that provide more adventurous options for sending greetings and well wishes. Someone in your life will get a big kick out of these punny, sometimes audacious phrases.

Additionally, we've pulled a couple of stencils from the Vault — they're so good for creating tile and brick for your bathroom scenes!

Keep scrolling to learn about all the add-on products you can purchase to coordinate with the Serenity Now Card Kit. You can purchase the kit and add-on products tomorrow Tuesday, February 21 at 10 AM EST...get ready to shop!

Join us on social media for your chance to win. There will be opportunities on both Instagram and Facebook, so connect with us today!

  • You can enter to win by commenting on the kit countdown posts before 8 PM EST on February 20. Please leave only one comment per person.
  • Winners will be randomly selected will be announced at 10 AM EST on February 21.

Here's a reminder of what's included in the Serenity Now Card Kit to help you envision all the possibilities the add-ons provide!

Take a look at a couple of scenes you can create with the available add-ons that will complement the elements featured in the Serenity Now Card Kit:



No detail has been overlooked — this die set will wrap you in a warm hug and ensure your bathroom scenes are so inviting. A variety of towel options, including coordinating hangers and hooks, are perfect for everything from spa scenes to powder room décor. The comfy, cozy robe includes a shawl color, contrasting trim, and a belt tie. This is SUCH a fun addition to your scene-building stash!


Handmade card from Nicky Meek featuring products from My Favorite Things #mftstamps


Lighting, shelves, a vanity — they're the building blocks of a complete bathroom! This elegant assortment provides everything you need to build your own suite of chic complementary components. Fill up the shelves with accessories from the Serenity Now die set or add the towels featured in Dry Bar. For an eye-catching look, use Mirror Card Stock to finish off the included mirror design.


Handmade card from Sindhura Prajay featuring products from My Favorite Things #mftstamps


A toilet is kind of a necessity when it comes to crafting a bathroom scene...enter this must-have die set! In addition to a multi-piece toilet that includes layers for the seat, lid, tank top, and attachments, you'll also delight in all the accompanying accessories. A brush, plunger, toilet paper, and trash can round out the suite of elements. Sometimes, life is messy, so Bathroom Essentials also includes the pieces necessary to represent those challenges. 😉


Handmade card from Jennifer Rustioni featuring products from My Favorite Things #mftstamps


For a more generously sized toilet paper accent that pairs well with so many of the sentiments included in Toilet Talk and Bathroom Banter, you can't go wrong with the On a Roll die set. This set features both a standing holder as well as a wall-mount option. The toilet paper roll includes embossed lines for added realism, and paper options include a full roll as well as the last square available...so typical, right?


Handmade card from Hanh Nguyen featuring products from My Favorite Things #mftstamps


Some of our sentiment sets speak for themselves, and this one is a really good example. Cheeky, sassy, punny, and real — this assortment has it all! The unexpected pairing of fonts is so enticing and will add so much design appeal to your projects. The On a Roll and Bathroom Essentials die sets are begging for these stinkin’ amazing greetings!

Handmade card from Hanh Nguyen featuring products from My Favorite Things #mftstamps


Bathroom talk…but make it classy. Boom — here it is! Friends talk about a lot of stuff. Close friends talk about all the stuff. Bathroom Banter offers a witty way to talk about the close-friend stuff, but also features more universal greetings perfect for a range of occasions and recipients. The pretty font pairing mimics the look found in the Time to Unwind stamp set.


This versatile design can serve as a geometric pattern or stand in for recognizable features like tile in a scene-building role. This 18x18 square grid is comprised of 1/4" squares.

Handmade card from Sindhura Prajay featuring products from My Favorite Things #mftstamps


The English Brick Wall Stencil is patterned after a popular staggered brick-laying pattern and provides the perfect backdrop for a variety of scenes.

Handmade card from Linda van Wely featuring products from My Favorite Things #mftstamps

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I love all the punny potty sayings! Too funny. Thanks for the inspiration and chance to win. :D

Janet Sisk February 21, 2023

What a fun kit & add one!! Thanks for the inspiration.

Danelle Henry February 21, 2023

Oh I love this kit so much fun. All the cards are amazing.

Jessica Monte February 21, 2023

This is so fun and playful! I love it!

Nancy E Leppek February 21, 2023


petra wetzels February 21, 2023

This is a wonderful addition to complement the other home furnishings sets you have released!

Janet February 21, 2023

Something for all tastes!!!

Neen February 21, 2023

I want it all! It’s all so incredibly cute!

Samantha Pfrimmer February 20, 2023

These are all so wonderful! I love them all. What a great theme as there are so many occasions to use these new goodies. Well done. Thanks for the chance to win.

Helen F February 20, 2023

This is so adorable!

Bridget W February 20, 2023

Love this kit and the add ons. I’m already formulating some card ideas for my gal pals.

Tami B February 20, 2023

Love this kit and the add ons. I’m already formulating some card ideas for my gal pals.

Tami B February 20, 2023

too darn cute!!!

Kim Heggins February 20, 2023

too darn cute!!!

Kim Heggins February 20, 2023

I absolutely love this card kit and the add-ons are perfect!!! These are a must have!!! I am imagining all the possibilities for these amazing sets!! Another MFT Win. 😍❤️

Ailsa February 20, 2023

So cute…. love them all ❤️ 💙 💜

Deborah Hellman February 20, 2023

Love it all!

Paulette Still February 20, 2023

What a great release!

Kathy J in Ellicott City February 20, 2023

What a fantastic set this is! In my experience (I’m an Aussie), Americans are very often quite coy about bathroom plumbing and its uses, so this is quite a surprise. And great fun.

Marion Evans February 20, 2023

Love these!!! Toilet talk is hysterical!

Melissa Leftrick February 20, 2023

Love all the little bits and the color scheme!

storymusicgirl February 20, 2023

Great inspiration from the team!

Heidi Rees February 20, 2023

Love your new kit and add ons. I am trying not to spend money at the moment, but I have to get all of this!!
The cards are amazing :o)

Candy Mills February 20, 2023

This is definitely one of your best kits!!! The Spa scene is so amazing and all the add ons really look awesome. I never thought a bathroom could look so classy! Great kit!

Anne Sturgeon February 20, 2023

While the toilet talk may be a bit much for me, I like the spa scenes and the grid stencil.

LYNN D February 20, 2023

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