Pop the Bubbly — We’re Halfway to the Big Day 🥂

We're halfway to the big day! Get ready to celebrate good times with this bubbly assortment of products perfect for the New Year and beyond!

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Countdown to the New Year with Champagne Sentiments. It features options for looking back on good memories from the past twelve months as well as imagining all the good times yet to come in the next twelve. Additionally, phrases focused on welcoming a new baby, retirement, engagement, and irreplaceable friendships are in the mix making this versatile selection an indispensable addition to your sentiment stash. It’s an amazing complement to the Pop the Champagne die set and provides a fantastic alternative to sending Christmas cards for those of with a lot on our plate!

There’s nothing like popping the cork and getting the bubbly flowing to announce the arrival of a celebration! You’ll get a kick out of using the elements included in this set to represent every stage of the journey from possibility to party. Everything you need to set up a special spread in included — from bottle to glass, you’ll raise a toast to the New Year, new baby, new marriage, or new-found freedom. 🥂

Handmade card from Hanh Nguyen featuring products from My Favorite Things #mfstamps


There are so many ways to celebrate, and each is perfect in its own way for all the special people in your life. In this set, a bold CHEERS forms the base of your greeting, while a wide-ranging selection of lead-in and follow-up phrases are provided to make each card as unique as your recipient. Pair this sentiment set with an endless variety of images in your stash to acknowledge the occasion you're crafting for perfectly.

This simple greeting features long and lean letters that stretch your sentiment into extremely cool proportions. At 3 1/2" tall, it will make a design statement all on its own or paired with the coordinating lead-in and follow-up script sentiments included in the How to Say Cheers stamp set. This single-piece die produces a negative die cut that makes perfect placement of the resulting letters a breeze. It is not intended to die cut the CHEERS sentiment but rather, to provide for additional design options and dimension.

Handmade card from Carly Tee Minner featuring products from My Favorite Things #mfstamps


This rubber background will cause you to do a double-take! What initially seems like a simple array of irregular dots scattered across a wide expanse is actually party potential in one neat square. Here’s how it works: stamp, rotate, re-ink, stamp, rotate, re-ink, stamp, rotate, re-ink, and finally stamp one last time for an explosion of color! Opt for four colors or go subtle with a single color. Or use as-is for a more subdued look…are the wheels spinning?

Handmade card from Rachel Alvarado featuring products from My Favorite Things #mfstamps

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Colleen Marlatt December 13, 2022

Love everything in this countdown day!

Diana F December 12, 2022

Love How to Say Cheers! Especially those tall dies! Awesome!

Leslie Sunn December 12, 2022

what a fun and versatile release. I love Cheers, and I would see myself using it constantly!

Mel H December 12, 2022

Great release!

Janet D. December 12, 2022

I’m so excited for the release. Great set ❤️❤️❤️

Elizabeth Vargas December 12, 2022

Love the confetti background! That’s good for so very many occasions.

Golda December 12, 2022

Love the bubbly! Great for the new year!!!!

Mary Kay Ross December 12, 2022

Oh my gosh, the card with the MICE is just tooooo cute!!!! What a brilliant use of the die. This and the one with the “festive old friends” just upped it on my “NEEEEEEEEEEEED” list!

Trisha Magnus December 12, 2022

Love the Cheers die, it can be used in so many events!

Alexandra Lucía Florián Silva December 12, 2022

Cheers indeed, this is such a great collection.

Nancie December 12, 2022

Love the cheers die and sentiments.

Shirley Madsen December 12, 2022

What a fun release!

rkokes December 12, 2022

The sentiments in the stamp sets are great! These are a must have, the sentiments can be used for so many occasions .
The confetti stamp is very versatile.

Jo-Anne Silva December 12, 2022

Well if that doesn’t make a statement, I don’t know what does! Love the CHEERS die!

Natalie Petersen December 12, 2022

These are fun! I love that confetti background stamp!

Kelsey Thomas December 12, 2022

Love the tall thin word die! “Cheers” to so many things!

Tammy W December 12, 2022

Cheers to a great release!!!

Emma Sleppy December 11, 2022

Love this new release.

Kim Salito December 11, 2022

So fun!

Christy Malone December 11, 2022

Love that confetti background!!

Sandi Pressley December 11, 2022

The confetti background is such a wonderful versatile stamp, I’m already in live with this one. And the popping bottle is great for celebrating really big events.

Steffi H. December 11, 2022

Great new background. The COLORFUL CONFETTI BACKGROUND will be fun to use in many different designs.

Stevye S. December 11, 2022

Great ideas. A must have.

Emily Henry December 11, 2022

Love the confetti background! So fun! Thanks for the inspiration and chance to win. :D

Janet Sisk December 11, 2022

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