School Is COOL — Make MFT Your Study Buddy with Today’s Selection of Release Previews

We're halfway to the big day! Today's selection features a celebration of back-to-school season essentials. Grab your backpack — things are about to get studious.

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Back-to-school is in the air, and we're feeling nostalgic for the scent of pencil shavings and apples lingering in the air. So we're celebrating the season with this selection of exuberant students and classroom essentials from the YUZU line. Help your cool little scholars start the year off right with encouraging words and a boost of confidence knowing you're on their side this year and beyond!

The coordinating dies are open inside to allow you to stamp, then cut OR cut, then stamp. This feature keeps our dies lightweight and allows for easy removal of the die cut from the die. 

Handmade card from Linda van Wely featuring products from My Favorite Things #mftstamps


This sweet quartet of bears is ideal for recognizing your relationships with friends and family who love immersing themselves in a good book. Show them you appreciate their interests with charming scenes created with a combination of characters that reflect your friendship. A small heart, star, and house are included to customize the covers of the books and cards.

The coordinating dies are open inside to allow you to stamp, then cut OR cut, then stamp. This feature keeps our dies lightweight and allows for easy removal of the die cut from the die. 

Handmade card from Carly Tee Minner featuring products from My Favorite Things #mftstamps


We've pulled this design from the vault — an old-school product with new-school appeal! Create an easy perforated edge reminiscent of just-ripped-from-the notebook lined paper with this simple but effective die. In addition, this updated design features improved stitching, making the perforation function even better than the previously released version. The Notebook Edge die is the newest Free with $60 option — available August 16 at 10 AM with the August Release!

Handmade card from Melania Deasy featuring products from My Favorite Things #mftstamps


There's something about the promise of a new sheet of notebook paper — it could be the start of almost anything! A grocery list, a series of math equations, a heartfelt missive, the notes that will come together at some point to become a best-selling novel, or even just the scribbled doodles you make absentmindedly as you chat on the phone with your sister…whew! This paper pad opens up a world of possibilities for your cards and tags, while a rainbow of line options ensures the perfect match for each new project.

Handmade card from Anja Bytyqi featuring products from My Favorite Things #mftstamps

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School is cool and the book worm stamps are sooo cute.

Mandy August 15, 2022

OMG, those children and the notepaper are so flippin’ awesome! All those cute images will make such fun cards and notes for the school year! My favorite is that little boy on the skateboard. Looks just like my little guy on his skateboard! LOVE IT!!!!!!

Dinorah Feliciano August 15, 2022

School is cool is just that.

Pat McCleary August 15, 2022

The notebook stamps and dies are must own staples! Love the school bus too.

Mel H August 15, 2022

Love the bus!!! Notebook paper is neat looking!

Cindy Baker August 15, 2022

Going to have to find a school-aged kid to make cards for!

SSchmidt August 15, 2022

Excited for the notebook edge die! So cute!

Natalie Dominguez August 15, 2022

bookworm bears is way too adorable.

dara h. August 15, 2022

Great school-themed designs – makes me want to go back to school (almost!) :-)

Susi K August 15, 2022

Great inspiration and new products.

Kim Salito August 15, 2022

You could make some fun back to school journals for the kids with this school collection.

Drena Putz August 15, 2022

Can’t wait to get the note book edge die! Awesome cards for inspiration guys!

Jamie Degrazio August 15, 2022

Love the little Bookworm Bears set. That bus/school kids set is adorable. Wish it was around when my kids were little.

Casandra Bennett August 15, 2022

Amazing products and inspirations.

tina Z August 15, 2022

Love the little school bus and little bears reading!

Sandra Haines August 15, 2022

So fun!! Love, love, love <3

Patti V. August 15, 2022

That school bus set is adorable! Thanks for the chance to win!

Sharon Suske August 15, 2022

I’m so glad to see the notebook edge die back – I definitely need it!

Catherine L August 15, 2022

Cool cards, love the notebook look!

Colinda August 15, 2022

Everything is so cute

Silvia August 15, 2022

I think those bears are just super cute :)

Stephanie Z August 15, 2022

Love everything in todays release ❤️ How cute are the kids!! So excited!!

Cindy C August 15, 2022

Love the stamps omg!

Tijana Zivkovic August 15, 2022

The bears are just too cute!

Melissa Trigero August 15, 2022

Too cute. Love the little bears.

Melissa Trigero August 15, 2022

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