MFTv: Channel Your Creativity – Ink like a Pro


In 2005, YouTube debuted allowing the average Joe the ability to upload videos to the Internet. It has launched careers, taught concepts, shared moments and music and memories for over a billion users over the past 11 years. It’s likely you’ve used YouTube for countless reasons — I learned how to attach my dryer vent pipe all by myself! It was exhilarating.

YouTube is an obvious avenue for My Favorite Things with its ability to teach techniques, showcase new products, and share tips and tricks. That’s why in January of 2010 we created our YouTube channel MFTv. Our channel is chock-full of informative and innovative videos from the most basic concepts for beginners to more complex techniques for those who are ready to soar creatively. When you subscribe to our channel you receive updates when we upload something new so that you won’t miss a second of crafting inspiration.

This week we are pleased to have five guest designers who will be sharing awesome ideas for using our fantastic products in the form of inspiring and informative YouTube videos on our MFTv channel. Today’s special guest is none other than Jennifer McGuire!

Ink Like a Pro

Jennifer is here today to share three great things that can be done with Premium Dye Inks from My Favorite Things. She also gives some super information on the difference between our dye, hybrid, and pigment inks. You’ll be amazed with her great tips for getting the absolute best results when inking up your stamps. Let’s take a look at the gorgeous projects that she has created:

Handmade thank you cards from Jennifer McGuire #mftstamps

Handmade thank you cards from Jennifer McGuire #mftstamps

Now it’s time to watch Jennifer’s tutorial on how she created the three cards you see above. She’ll cover Altering with a Colorless Blender, Traditional Resist, and Second Generation Stamping. Prepare to be inspired! Click HERE to watch the video on YouTube or watch it below.

We have another video to share today with more cool tips about using our inks. Click HERE to be taken directly to learn some Dye Ink Innovations with Kimberly Crawford or watch the video below.

There’s nothing we love more than getting our product in the hands of creative people like you! Head to MFTv on YouTube, subscribe to our channel, and leave a comment on the two featured videos of the day. We’ll choose two randomly selected people to win a $50 gift certificate to the My Favorite Things boutique to stock up your stash. All winners will be announced on Monday, March 14th, so make sure to check back to see if your name is on the list!

Time to get inky! And don’t forget, to win one of the vouchers, you must subscribe to MFTv and your comment must be made on YouTube on one or both of the videos featured above.