Happy Hexagons Stencil


The exceptional versatility stencils provide makes them a perfect choice for playing with technique — a fun way to add some excitement to your crafting and experiment with new ideas. Happy Hexagons can serve as a cool repeating pattern to add a modern twist to your projects, mimic the look of honeycomb, or work spectacularly when partially inked to add interest and a small backing pattern for your focal image. Channel your inner child and just play!

My Favorite Things is thrilled to bring you our line of premium stencils. These exclusive, American-made stencils will be an essential ingredient in your paper crafting and mixed media projects from this moment forward.

With our stencils you can paint, spray, mist, spritz, airbrush, sponge, doodle, mask, and more on a variety of surfaces including card stock, canvas, cork, chipboard, acetate, and fabric.

June 2023 Release - 6" x 6" stencil