BB Cute Chemists


Birdie Brown has brewed up a concoction of images and words that will act as a catalyst of inspiration in an exuberant display of bubbling creativity. Take a charming girl and a wild-haired boy, add a little heat, and stir to see cardmaking chemistry in action. Outfit a full lab with the beakers and test tubes for a chain reaction resulting in an unbreakable bond of love and affection.

Clear stamp sets include the name of the set on the sticker for easy identification.

Our clear stamps and Die-namics are made in the USA.

January 2019 Release

Our Chemistry Is Explosive, We Have Serious Chemistry, All of my Atoms Love All of Your Atoms, You Make My Beaker Bubble, I'm Sorry for My Reaction, I've Got My Ion You, Let's Bond, You Make My Heart Go Boom