Peerless Transparent Watercolors - Small Bonus Pack

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Peerless Transparent Watercolors - Small Bonus Pack

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This collection of 40 colors includes a full range of bright, drysheet watercolor pigments in a compact 2" x 2" size perfect for trying out a wide range of hues. This formula keeps the resulting colors clean and the handy sheets are perfect for crafting on-the-go.

These colors are not included in the Complete Collection and include: Amber Yellow, Cadmium Yellow, Chrome Orange, Chrome Yellow, Daffodil Yellow, Gamboge Yellow, Golden Yellow, Marigold Yellow, Yellow Ochre, Alizarine Red, Arbutis Pink, Blood Red, Jackqueminot Red, Poinsettia Red, Rose Red, Scarlet Lake, Scarlet Vermillion, Tea Rose Pink, Alice Blue, Butterfly Wing Blue, Cobalt Blue, Forget-Me-Not Blue, Peacock Blue, Robin's Egg Blue, Turquoise Blue, Amethyst, Heliotrope, Mauve, Chrome Green Deep, Grass Green, Hunter's Green, Mountain Green, Myrtle Green, Olive Green, Viridian Green, Neutral Tint, Bismark Brown, Burnt Umber, Ecru, and Warm Sepia.


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