Sassy Pants Best Friends


This follow-up to our wildly popular Sassy Pants Birthday Greetings is geared towards recognizing all of the bold, proud, outspoken friends you love, cherish, and occasionally tease. Your unique friendships deserve a unique approach for celebrating them and *this* set it the perfect option for doing so. You're awesome, your friends are awesome, we're all awesome"¦embrace it!

Clear stamp sets include the name of the set on the sticker for easy identification.

Our clear stamps and Die-namics are made in the USA.

September 2018 Release You Are Not Normal and I Love It, You’re My Sidekick for Life, Isn’t it amazing that we both have such an awesome friend?, I Really Miss You, but Probably Not as Much as You Miss Me Because I’m Totally Awesome., I Love You Even When You’re Hangry, What I Like Most About Our Friendship Is That It’s Largely Based on Inappropriate Conversations and Inside Jokes, If I Know One Thing for Sure, It’s That We Excel at Hanging Out, We’ve Been Friends for So Long I’ve Forgotten Which On of Us Is the Bad Influence. (It’s Probably You)