Chibi Conductive Fabric Tape Patches

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Chibi Conductive Fabric Tape Patches

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Whether you are just learning or a seasoned crafter, Chibitronics conductive fabric tape patches are a must-have accessory. It’s a tiny bridge of durable conductive fabric with a highly conductive adhesive on one side. Use it to patch gaps in copper tape, make T-junctions, or build live hinges. You can even breathe new life into old, used-up stickers by bridging between the shiny pads on the top side of our stickers and adjacent strips of copper tape.

Made out of a special, nickel-plated polyester-copper weave and laminated with a conductive nickel-acrylic adhesive, these conductive fabric tape patches can make robust electrical connections that can survive creasing and hinging. As always, ensure that the metal surfaces you’re planning to sticker over are smooth and clean of oil and dirt and that your fingers are likewise clean and dry. Dirt and oil resist electricity, so even an invisible film of dirt will degrade the reliability of any electronic sticker. Best practice is to always wash and dry your hands before applying stickers and use a hard pencil eraser to rub off any dirt or oil that might have built up on your copper tape before applying the fabric tape patches.

This package includes (64) 5 mm x 15 mm pieces of conductive fabric tape.

Check out our Tips & Tricks for using the Chibi Lights HERE or watch below: 


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