We’ve Heard the Call! Some of Your MOST Sought-After Retired Products Are Emerging from the Vault

We've heard the call, and with this Vault Release, we're answering with a wide-ranging selection of some of the most sought-after retired MFT classics. Maybe you missed them the first time they were released or are new to MFT since they were retired, but whatever the case, you're sure to discover some must-have items in this selection of products. Join us as we reveal them all!

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Ring Me has been one of the most sought-after retired MFT products, so needless to say, we're thrilled to bring it back for a new audience and to give those of you that have been on the hunt over the years the opportunity to finally make it yours! This classic telephone die set includes the instantly recognizable phone base and handset along with all the elements you need to create the iconic dial — click, click, clickclickclick…remember that sound? Enjoy all the charm of those old phones without the frustration of a misdialed number! 

Complete the delightful Ring Me die set with this assortment of images that include two cord options, numbers to finish off the rotary dial, and sentiments that fit within the center of the phone dial. You'll also enjoy an array of coordinating sentiments that will assure your recipient you're always available for a heartfelt chat.

The Ring Me stamp set features slightly scaled-down sentiments from the previously released version.


Handmade cared from Nicky Meek featuring products from My Favorite Things #mftstamps


Few occasions provide more joy to our crafting than a wedding. Happily Ever After features a selection of sentiments perfect for showers, weddings, and anniversaries in a stunning array of beautiful greetings that pair a modern mix of script and sans serif fonts.

This stamp set was designed specifically to coordinate with the re-released Bride & Groom Die-namics set. You'll find it to be a perfect pairing with a variety of images and dies already in your stash as well, though. You can't go wrong with this set when the goal is to celebrate the happy couple in style! 💕

Dum, dum, da-dum…here comes the most essential die set for impending summer weddings! The Bride & Groom die set results in beautifully layered, dimensional representations of the happy couple. The bride is comprised of a classic dress silhouette and optional flourish detail, while the groom includes a suit and shirt with emboss line details as well as a separate bow tie.

This die set has been updated to improve the suit and provide additional detail. The suit was previously a single piece but now features a separate jacket and pants with a waistband, belt loops, and fly. In addition, the jacket and pants have both been slightly reshaped for a more modern profile. Finally, we've added contrasting lapel pieces, a pocket, and a handkerchief.

Handmade cared from Anja Bytyqi featuring products from My Favorite Things #mftstamps


Spotlight your creativity with this endlessly versatile assortment of painted brush strokes. This multipurpose array ranges from solid and blocky to elongated marks that trail off beautifully, leaving a realistic stroke behind. You'll find these images perfect for backing sentiments, grounding characters, and crafting custom patterns and accents in the color palette of your choice.

Abstract Art has been modernized with a vastly updated assortment of images and re-sized to a 4" x 6" size.

Boost your reserve of artsy supplies with this realistic brush duo. Two different styles of brushes include handles, ferrules, and bristles for added dimension. You'll get so much enjoyment flexing your creative muscles by combining the brushes with a variety of coordinating stamp sets, including the packed Abstract Art assortment.

Previously, this product included solid brush bases to layer the other pieces on to "build" your brushes. We've streamlined the set by adjusting the size and eliminating the base pieces, making it a more affordable option to add to your stash. In addition, Emboss lines promise easy placement of the individual elements, and cut lines have been added to the "metal" pieces of each design.

Handmade cared from Carly Tee Minner featuring products from My Favorite Things #mftstamps


We share a love of handcrafted items. The idea of doing something manually — of manipulating scissors, paper, and glue to create something new and beautiful — is an ideal that appeals to us all. Writing with a typewriter instead of a computer holds a similar charm. The slight imperfection of what we create reinforces the idea that a person made this, with a little bit of their heart and soul evident in each finished project. The Typewriter Text Background synthesizes those ideas into a versatile pattern that is perfect for reinforcing a theme or simply providing a bit of subtle texture on your cards and tags.

Handmade cared from Laura Dovalo featuring products from My Favorite Things #mftstamps

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Love the Ring Me set! Happy to see it escaped the dusty old vault for awhile!

Salish Sea Stamper May 17, 2022

I am excited to see the bride and groom dies.

Carrie Sears May 17, 2022

You’ve created an “I Want It All” listing
that I can’t see myself resisting.
My Smile is Bigger Because of You,
‘cause Nobody Nose Me Like You Do:
You Make Me Happy and My Days Sunshiny:
I’m as excited as can be—and Thank My Lucky Stars for MFT!

Ann Marshall Grigsby May 16, 2022

Wow! I love these! The phone, the abstract, type background and the wedding set, are all gorgeous! To choose one of them will take some thought.
Thanks for sharing. :-)

Heather May 16, 2022

This vault release has SOOOO many things that I want!!!! What a great release! It’s gonna be hard to narrow it down, I want it ALL!

Pam McClung May 16, 2022

Love the phone, can’t wait to use it!

Chris H May 16, 2022

I love the old-fashioned phone die set and can think of so many different ways to use it!

Kimberly McField May 16, 2022

Love the phone! And the paintbrush! Looking forward to the release!

Mary May 16, 2022

Love the phone, can’t wait to use it!

Chris H May 16, 2022

I am totally new here, but I am excited for the using items: equalizer stencil. Headphones, etc. I am preparing sweets for a 90s themed birthday. How awesome it will be to add a handmade, personalized card!!!

Binti Tillman May 16, 2022

Yessss, is back. I missed the telephone set and now I can pick it up. Thank you for opening the vault. We are very grateful. This is why I love MFT.

Jessica Figueroa May 16, 2022

Love that phone set! Wanted it for a long time!

Julie H May 16, 2022

Love the phone and the sentiments – could have used the bride and groom last year!

Leigh Gardner May 16, 2022

The old school phone looks fun. I can remember that kind of phone, chatting with my beast friend for hours back in the eighties. So glad, we are still best friends today.

Steffi H. May 16, 2022

Such wonderful products, so glad you are bringing them back! I’m in love with the brush strokes stamp and the typewriter text background!

Alexandra Y May 16, 2022

Ring me was always a favorite and now it’s vintage.

Pat McCleary May 16, 2022

I’m already making my list. I can’t wait for the release. I have been looking for a nice wedding set and Happily Ever After is perfect. So many options for creating great wedding cards. Oh, and the phone is on my list too!

Debbie Mason May 16, 2022

Love these…the paintbrush dienamics are great!

Mel H May 16, 2022

What a fun re-release ! The options are endless!

Liz Bechtel May 16, 2022

Love the Abstract Art stamp set & the Paintbrushes die set!! Fabulous sentiments in the Happily Ever After stamp set, too.

Daria Zender May 16, 2022

I love the old fashioned phone & paint brushes. So cool

dara h. May 16, 2022

I’m so glad to see the telephone and paintbrushes coming back! They were from before my time stamping.

Angela Walters May 16, 2022

I love the Ring Me set!

Christy Malone May 16, 2022

So many great items! I love the phone and paint brushes and the inspiration from the DT is awesome!

Giselle D May 16, 2022

Love the retro phone! Fun!

Cynthia Olheiser May 16, 2022

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