5 Days to an Organized Crafty Stash – Stencil Storage

PrintLooks like this series is getting you excited to tidy things up. Did you dream of labeling ALL THE THINGS last night? Good! We have more great ideas where those came from — I promise!

Today we’re going to focus on stencil storage.

Stencils have made quite a comeback in the paper crafting industry. I remember having an alphabet stencil on a ruler when I was in grade school. Now wasn’t that handy? And then in the 80’s those bad boys were used to sponge paint quaint designs on walls of homes and classrooms all around the globe. But these days they are paired with spray mists, pastes, paint, gesso, and all the delightful messy mediums, allowing us to playfully create with color and texture and style.

But how to store them? Let me tell you — We. Have. Ideas!

Stencil Storage and Organization Solutions

One of the best ways to start is by keeping it simple. Keisha has a plastic folder attached to the side of her desk where she stores her stencils. Talk about easy access! It’s simple, practical, and a great use of space.

Keisha - pocket on side of desk

Another great idea comes from Jodi. Since unused stencils are sometimes hard to see, she stores a “test” of the stencil so that she can easily see what it will look like once it is used.

Jodi - stencil example

Amy has a dedicated drawer for her stencil storage. When it comes time to create, she can grab this drawer and take it to her work area. An added bonus: there’s room for other supplies she’ll use when creating with stencils!

Amy drawer

Each of Stephanie’s stencils is removed from the original packaging and lovingly labeled and placed in these flap pockets from Clear Bags. At 6 7/16″ X 6 1/4″, they are the perfect size for 6×6 stencils.

Stephanie - MFT pockets

Barbara uses the same pockets from Clear Bags, and once she has them all packaged and labeled, she stores them upright in a bin and categorizes them by type (with stencil supplies tucked neatly behind). Her section dividers are created using common file folders that you can find in any office supply store. They are sturdier than cardstock (and who wants to waste their cardstock?). You might have some already in your home office, right? Use a corner rounder to avoid getting the sleeve of your sweater caught on the pointy corners.

Barbara Bin

6×6 album pages like these in the My Favorite Things boutique are another fantastic option for storing stencils. Sharon stores hers much like Barbara does, but in page protectors rather than flap pockets.

Sharon - 6x6 and bin

You can also do what Kim does. She uses 6×6 album pages and connects them all with a loose-leaf ring. This solution is fantastic for hanging on a hook on the wall for easy access and more desk space.

Kim Stencils

Cindy likes to keep her stencils tucked away in a 6×6 album. It keeps things tidy (and awfully pretty!).

Cindy mini album


Don’t forget to label everything! We’ve created printable label templates for you to download for our MFT stamps, stencils, and Die-namics. These .doc files are fully editable and are compatible with 1 3/4″ x 2/3″ 8195 Avery Return Labels, 1 3/4″ x 1/2″ 8167 Avery Return Labels, and all comparable sizes. You can find them HERE.

Wow! Such GREAT ideas, am I right? We’ve given you a lot to ponder about storing your stencils, and we want to give away two prizes, too!  We’ll ADD to your stencil stash with Concentric CircleLarge Chevron StripesStargaze , Graduated Hearts, and Sun RayHere’s how to enter for your chance to win these five stencils: Leave a comment on this blog post letting us know your favorite way to use stencils. All winners from this week will be announced next week!PrintAnd this is just the beginning! Make sure you visit the blogs of our Design Team for even more tips, tricks, and ideas for stencil storage and organization.