5 Days to an Organized Crafty Stash 2018 – Inks and Coloring Mediums

Craft supply organization — it’s something that’s ever-changing and always evolving. From the smallest nook to the most expansive dedicated craft room, we all are faced with the daunting task of organizing it all. For some of us, keeping our supplies in check is half the fun! For the rest of us, it’s a struggle that we’re forced to address. Regardless which side you fall on, I think we can all agree that having a method to the madness makes our precious crafting time a lot more fun and productive.

We’re not all fortunate enough to have a dedicated space so creative and accessible storage solutions are essential. The next five days are dedicated to providing tips, tricks, and ideas for making your stash the best stash it can be no matter your space!

Each day we’ll be focusing on a different component of your crafty stash — ink, stamps, Die-namics, card stock, stencils, tools, and embellishments…we’ll cover it all.

There are an endless variety of coloring mediums available to us. Ink pads and refills, markers and pencils, paints, watercolors, and crayons are broad categories that just skim the surface of the true diversity of supplies available to us. Having a system in place for storing and tracking your supplies prevents the need to pull out your entire collection at the onset of each new project.

We’re so envious of Julie’s storage system. With slots to store both ink pad and coordinating refill, everything is in its place. Punched circles of coordinating card stock help to visually identify the colors and match refill to pad. Additional slats hold her marker collection as well as an assortment of other ink options.

Ink storage Julie Dinn #mftstamps

Joy’s MFT stash is neatly labeled and stored on their sides to keep them compact and maximize her storage space.

Ink storage Joy Taylor #mftstamps

Amy’s MFT ink pad collection is easily accessible in a drawer. Her wooden trays feature channels sized to contain her ink cube stash to perfection.

Ink storage Amy Yang #mftstamps

Mini ink cubes, like our collection of ink cube sets or the Tim Holtz line of distress inks, are stored neatly within tins sized to fit in Joy’s craft room. Notice how she tucks the corresponding blending pad into the base of each color to make it quick and easy to access the designated pad as needed.

Ink storage Joy Taylor #mftstamps

Ink storage Joy Taylor #mftstamps

Julie’s collections of watercolor supplies and Gelatos are neatly contained in easy-to-remove storage containers stowed neatly within her shelving. Simply slide the appropriate container from its spot when needed!

Watercolor storage Julie Dinn #mftstamps

Gelatos storage Julie Dinn #mftstamps

Keeway’s Copic insert slides perfectly into the top tier of her rolling cart for easy accessibility. That orderly rainbow of color is positively irresistible!

Copics storage Keeway Tsao #mftstamps

Vika stores her Copics in a handy bag. The markers are corraled, easy to see, and instantly portable for on-the-go coloring!

Copics storage Vika Salmina #mftstamps

I know you’re ready to jump into the fray and start your own organizing efforts but FIRST, head to our team blogs for a more in-depth review of their storage — you won’t be disappointed! When you’re ready to work on your own inks and coloring mediums, grab our printable ink labels HERE, and ink charts to track your collection HERE. Happy organizing.