5 Days to an Organized Crafty Stash 2018 – Die-namics

Some of us prefer working in a bit of chaos (creativity can be influenced by working within the constraints of our mess, er, situation, right?) while others need a neat and tidy space before starting a new project. Eventually though, we all have to address the mess and straighten up. Having a system in place helps streamline that process and clean-up time can be reduced immeasurably leaving you more time to craft!

Today we’re tackling Die-namics. While it’s a pretty standard technique to store dies with their coordinating stamp sets, what about all of the other designs in your stash? As you strategize your organization, don’t forget to start by printing your labels (find them HERE) and also, if desired, our monthly shopping lists — the perfect way to track your purchases and avoid duplicate items.

Isn’t Inge’s set up pretty? Her shelving unit houses a collection of Die-namics, neatly displayed in clear storage boxes, in addition to a number of other essentials and inspiration pieces. The snap-shut lids protect her investment and keep them portable without fear of an “oops” spill.

Die-namics storage Inge Groot #mftstamps

Debbie’s idea for storing indispensable tools (snips and label maker chief among them!) with her dies means she has no excuses when it comes to properly categorizing her new additions on arrival.

Die-namics storage Debbie Olson #mftstamps

Stephanie’s storage features a sleek and orderly feel with deep-level categorization for easy retrieval of her most sought-after Die-namics.

Die-namics storage Stephanie Klauck #mftstamps

Die-namics storage Stephanie Klauck #mftstamps

Categorized storage binders provide a colorful vertical solution for Melania’s collection. We mentioned it yesterday but we love the idea so much we have to point it out again — check out how she notates the number of dies in each set to verify that she’s collected them all before storing…simple but brilliant!

Die-namics storage Melania Deasy #mftstamps

Die-namics storage Melania Deasy #mftstamps

Collecting small, similar dies in a single pocket is a smart way to minimize space and view a number of similar designs in one fell swoop. Here you can see how Vika stores word dies and border dies together for quick retrieval.

Die-namics storage Vika Salmina #mftstamps

Die-namics storage Vika Salmina #mftstamps

If you don’t like the idea of single dies floating around in a pocket and would prefer them to be more secure, check out how Keeway adheres a small magnet to card stock inserts to prevent them from slipping and sliding.

Die-namics storage Keeway Tsao #mftstamps

Julie takes a visual approach by adding a printed representation of the dies included in the set — it’s a great method that allows you to eyeball your collection to quickly find the perfect solution to fill your project needs.

Die-namics storage Julie Dinn #mftstamps

If you’re interested in more details about any of the solutions shared today, or want to learn about even more of our team organization techniques, be sure to click through to our team blogs!