Reach for the Stars with the Latest Hits & Highlights Challenge

We’re giving our team some leeway this month and we’re confident they’re going to blow our minds with creative spins on this month’s Hits & Highlights challenge. Today, check out how they’ve reached for the stars creating around the idea *of* stars. Click through to see how they’ve interpreted the idea…you might find colorful galactic scenes, you might find brilliant performers belting it out on a brilliantly lit stage, you might find a simple graphic shaker design featuring one of our star shaker pouches. There are so many possibilities this month and we’re excited for you to see them all!

Handmade card from Julie Dinn featuring products from My Favorite Things #mftstamps

Julie’s colorful look features a galaxy full of rainbow stars…a card designed to encourage can always benefit from a little ROYGBIV magic! Rainbows immediately bring hope and optimism to mind so they’re the perfect choice for an occasion like this. She topped off her star-filled design with a glittering die-cut “stars” sentiment that provides balance and some sparkle to make the card truly special.

Handmade card from Rachel Alvarado featuring products from My Favorite Things #mftstamps

Rachel’s spectacular look features a superstar character backed by an unforgettable celestial scene. We can’t even begin to count the starry points of light she’s created but we *do* know a showstopper when we see one and this is it!

Time to check out how others on our team interpreted our latest Hits & Highlights challenge!

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Comments (2)

  • Heidi Rees


    What great projects! Such great inspiration!


  • Karthikha Uday


    Wonderful set of inspirations! Creative and beautiful takes! Love them all 🙂