5 Days to an Organized Crafty Stash 2018 – Stencils, Embellishments, and Tools

Over the course of the past few days, we’ve covered organization tips for inks, stamps, Die-namics, and paper storage. What’s left? Stencils, embellishments, and all of the various tools that are essential to achieving your favorite techniques. It’s no small feat trying to optimize space while keeping a variety of sometimes oddly-shaped supplies and tools accessible but our team has some great ideas for you!

Let’s start by taking a look at a couple of areas of Julie’s space — you’ll find lots of great ideas for displaying your collection in a way that is appealing and accessible…the best of both worlds! Clear storage bins and large jars provide for portability and visibility. You can also see a peek of the card stock storage we featured yesterday.

Craft supply storage Julie Dinn #mftstamps

This longer shot shows her ink and Copic storage, and in the background you can see her set up for taking photographs of her projects.

Craft supply storage Julie Dinn #mftstamps

Take a look inside one of her clear storage units and you’ll find a variety of embellishments — this one holds all of her MFT shaker pouches.

Craft supply storage Julie Dinn #mftstamps

Speaking of shaker pouches, Stephanie keeps hers in labeled pockets in a drawer along with a selection of coordinating dimensional embellishments like mazes and filler options.

Craft supply storage Stephanie Klauck #mftstamps

Inge keeps her stencils within reach and easy to flip through by slipping them into 6″ x 6″ page protectors. Adding binder rings keeps the collection contained.

Craft supply storage Inge Groot #mftstamps

A clear bin holds Barbara’s stencils as well as a variety of compatible products like texture and modeling pastes. If pulling out a multitude of products dampens your desire to experiment with messier techniques, storing like products together may encourage you to play more!

Craft supply storage Barbara Anders #mftstamps

Ink blending is a versatile technique but figuring out how to manage your tools is a cumbersome affair. Amy keeps her pads, sorted in color families, in a clear, lidded plastic container. Small daubers and blending tools are held in the same drawer.

Craft supply storage Amy Yang #mftstamps

Keeway has a fantastic tiered storage solution for her blending tools. You can see on the front right tool that she’s labeled them with the corresponding ink color.

Craft supply storage Keeway Tsao #mftstamps

Taking labeling a step further, Stephanie has labeled the top of her blending tool handles with the color name but has color coded them as well to help her narrow her search even more quickly! Her divided storage keeps the tools neat and compartmentalized.

Craft supply storage Stephanie Klauck #mftstamps

A pegboard creates fantastic opportunities for organizing a variety of supplies. The ability to rearrange the pegs and to store things vertically is the ultimate space saver. Keeway stores indispensable tools — scissors, adhesive, and her scoring and stamp positioning tools readily accessible in this way. Pegboard accessories like compartmentalized trays allow you to store your most-used embellishments within arm’s reach too.

Craft supply storage Amy Yang #mftstamps

Craft supply storage Amy Yang #mftstamps

Another option for embellishment storage is a rolling cart like Debbie’s. Designating and labeling each drawer allows you to aggregate similar products together and a cart like this gives you the ability to remove the drawer completely to make it even easier to peruse the products to find just the right solution for your design needs.

Craft supply storage Debbie Olson #mftstamps

With the introduction of our cross-stitch products, you may find that your assortment of embroidery floss is multiplying. Julie has her collection neatly wound and labeled on plastic bobbins and arranged (in rainbow order, natch!) in a storage box.

Craft supply storage Julie Dinn #mftstamps

Are you a heat-embossing fanatic? Stephanie’s collection of embossing powders are carefully stored in secure containers with a designated spoon tucked into each. A label on each identifies the color and manufacturer to make it easy to restock as necessary.

Craft supply storage Stephanie Klauck #mftstamps

Vika demonstrates that repurposing pretty packaging is a great way to store and display collections of supplies. The next time you receive a sweet little gift bag, consider how you can use it in your own space to store treasured embellishments.

Craft supply storage Vika Salmina #mftstamps

Phew — what an incredible amount of information! We certainly hope the past five days have provided valuable ideas for getting your stash under control. If you use any ideas our designers have shared, or have some great ideas not mentioned, tag #mftstamps to share! We’re always on the lookout for inspiring new ideas.

5 Days to an Organized Crafty Stash 2018 – Card Stock, Patterned Paper, and Felt

We’ve covered inks, stamps, and Die-namics, and now it’s time to attack your card stock, patterned paper, and felt. These cardmaking essentials probably represent a large portion of your stash so having a plan in place for managing them will definitely help keep your space, and sanity, in check.

Before we jump into today’s photos, how about a quick reminder of the resources we have available to help you in your quest to organize. You’ll find a wide array of printable charts to compare MFT colors and track your card stock and felt stashes HERE. Our Patterned Paper Reference Guides, found HERE, make it easy to color-match card stock to patterned paper and are designed to fit your collection of 6″ x 6″ paper pads perfectly.

Stephanies picture-perfect card stock storage features ROYGBIV organization that is ever-so-satisfying. There is nothing wrong with your stash doubling as colorful “art” in your craft space!

Card stock storage Stephanie Klauck #mftstamps

You’ll notice Stephanie has each color tabbed with the color name — Joy uses a similar technique shown more closely in the photo below.

Card stock storage Joy Taylor #mftstamps

Inge’s card stock organization features magazine holders positioned horizontally. This is a great method if you would prefer your collection to be slightly more portable — sort color families into specific file boxes to grab a selection of similar colors before fine-tuning your choices.

Card stock storage Inge Groot #mftstamps

Julie has a large rack designed for letter-sized paper storage. This allows her to quickly grab her desired color and the flat storage method prevents the paper from bending or warping. You’ll see she’s also designated slots to specialty papers like different weights of watercolor paper.

Card stock storage Julie Dinn #mftstamps

Card stock storage Julie Dinn #mftstamps

Hanging file folders stashed in a cabinet ensure Barbara’s collection stays safe and secure. Using a scrap of card stock for the file labels makes quick work of locating the perfect shade for your next project.

Card stock storage Barbara Anders #mftstamps

A ring of card stock samples makes it easy for Inge to see the entire range of colors as well as mix and match complementary colors before pulling out full sheets or packages of paper. She’s labeled the back of each sample with the name of each hue for quick reference.

Card stock organization Inge Groot #mftstamps

Have you grown a collection of MFT patterned papers? Storing the pad in a sleeve protects the pad as well as any loose sheets or scraps you accumulate. You’ll see Amy has also tucked the reference guide for each pad into the same sleeve to make card stock selection a breeze.

Patterned paper storage Amy Yang #mftstamps

Patterned paper storage Amy Yang #mftstamps

When we talk paper, we can’t forget the envelopes! With such a wide range of coordinating colors, easy access is a must. Inge has her collection neatly tucked into small storage boxes.

Envelope storage Inge Groot #mftstamps

Our line of felt is brand new but already well-loved. The 5″ x 18″ sheets come in a roll — Debbie has taken advantage of this packaging by storing them upright in a clear bin. It’s easy to see each color and the bin allows her to keep a color chart tucked in front as well.

Felt storage Debbie Olson #mftstamps

Barbara’s felt is protected by nestling the pretty rolls in a set of clear drawers. You’ll see she’s sorted them by color family so she knows exactly where to find each shade.

Felt storage Barbara Anders #mftstamps

While storing your felt in the rolled form it arrives in is perfectly fine, Stephanie has opted for a different method. She cuts the sheet in half to 5″ x 9″ and stores them flat in a storage pocket. This allows her to quickly flip through them and makes them more manageable when it’s time to run them through the die-cutting machine. You’ll also see she’s customized her color chart by cutting small squares of each color to adhere to the chart.

Felt storage Stephanie Klauck #mftstamps

Felt organization Stephanie Klauck #mftstamps

Wow! Lots of fun ideas to get card stock, scraps, patterned paper, and felt under control. We hope you’ll find some time to tame your own stash this weekend…you never know what you’ll discover during your organizational adventures!

5 Days to an Organized Crafty Stash 2018 – Die-namics

Some of us prefer working in a bit of chaos (creativity can be influenced by working within the constraints of our mess, er, situation, right?) while others need a neat and tidy space before starting a new project. Eventually though, we all have to address the mess and straighten up. Having a system in place helps streamline that process and clean-up time can be reduced immeasurably leaving you more time to craft!

Today we’re tackling Die-namics. While it’s a pretty standard technique to store dies with their coordinating stamp sets, what about all of the other designs in your stash? As you strategize your organization, don’t forget to start by printing your labels (find them HERE) and also, if desired, our monthly shopping lists — the perfect way to track your purchases and avoid duplicate items.

Isn’t Inge’s set up pretty? Her shelving unit houses a collection of Die-namics, neatly displayed in clear storage boxes, in addition to a number of other essentials and inspiration pieces. The snap-shut lids protect her investment and keep them portable without fear of an “oops” spill.

Die-namics storage Inge Groot #mftstamps

Debbie’s idea for storing indispensable tools (snips and label maker chief among them!) with her dies means she has no excuses when it comes to properly categorizing her new additions on arrival.

Die-namics storage Debbie Olson #mftstamps

Stephanie’s storage features a sleek and orderly feel with deep-level categorization for easy retrieval of her most sought-after Die-namics.

Die-namics storage Stephanie Klauck #mftstamps

Die-namics storage Stephanie Klauck #mftstamps

Categorized storage binders provide a colorful vertical solution for Melania’s collection. We mentioned it yesterday but we love the idea so much we have to point it out again — check out how she notates the number of dies in each set to verify that she’s collected them all before storing…simple but brilliant!

Die-namics storage Melania Deasy #mftstamps

Die-namics storage Melania Deasy #mftstamps

Collecting small, similar dies in a single pocket is a smart way to minimize space and view a number of similar designs in one fell swoop. Here you can see how Vika stores word dies and border dies together for quick retrieval.

Die-namics storage Vika Salmina #mftstamps

Die-namics storage Vika Salmina #mftstamps

If you don’t like the idea of single dies floating around in a pocket and would prefer them to be more secure, check out how Keeway adheres a small magnet to card stock inserts to prevent them from slipping and sliding.

Die-namics storage Keeway Tsao #mftstamps

Julie takes a visual approach by adding a printed representation of the dies included in the set — it’s a great method that allows you to eyeball your collection to quickly find the perfect solution to fill your project needs.

Die-namics storage Julie Dinn #mftstamps

If you’re interested in more details about any of the solutions shared today, or want to learn about even more of our team organization techniques, be sure to click through to our team blogs!

5 Days to an Organized Crafty Stash 2018 – Stamps

Wrangling your inks and coloring mediums is a rather daunting task — we hope our introduction to organization didn’t overwhelm you! It’s a process that can take some time…just know you can always come back here for more ideas as you work your way through your space.

Let’s jump into day two of our series: stamps. This may seem like a straightforward topic but with so many different types, sizes, and themes, things can get a bit more complicated. If you’re ready to tackle your MFT stamps, the first thing you need to do is immediately download our label files — fast, easy, and critical to labeling your stash. The next step is determining how you’d like to categorize them — by theme, manufacturer, a simple alphabetization…so many options! It may take some trial and error to determine which system is most intuitive to your process. You’ll see a significant overlap in how are team manages their stamps and Die-namics. With so many coordinating dies, it just makes sense to keep them together!

Shall we take a peek at some of the ways our team manages their stamps?

MFT stamp storage Julie Dinn #mftstamps

Julie’s stamps are meticulously labeled and neatly collected within the ubiquitous clear storage bins that have become an essential tool in the crafting universe (Thanks, Jennifer McGuire!) Our line of clear storage pockets feature different sizes to accommodate a variety of stamp sets — you can see how the top flap tucks neatly inside to protect and contain the stamps and dies within. Crisp dividers separate designer sets while labels on each pocket list the contents (particularly helpful when storing a stamp set and Die-namics that complement each other but don’t share a common name.) Julie’s inserts feature the stamp images as well as provide the stability that keeps the enclosure sturdy no matter the contents.

MFT stamp storage Debbie Olson #mftstamps

Debbie’s storage is similar to Julie’s with a couple of notable differences. She’s incorporated color and pattern with her divider tabs and to her paper inserts, she’s also added the release date for each set. It’s a great quick reference tool. Printing our monthly shopping lists (find them all HERE) allows you to track and cross-reference your stash as well. You wouldn’t want to inadvertently purchase a set twice, right? I’m sure none of us has ever done that 😉

MFT stamp storage Melania Deasy #mftstamps

Melania’s system is simple but effective. In addition to dropping her stamps and Die-namics into the same pocket, with a simple white insert to divide them, she also notates the number of dies in the set — what a great way to quickly determine if you’ve safely stowed your dies.

MFT stamp storage Inge Groot #mftstamps

While some of us like to be able to see our stash out in the open, Inge has hers categorized and allocated to labeled boxes. That neat row of clean white boxes is so inviting!

MFT stamp storage Vika Salmina #mftstamps

If you have a handful of sets you’d like to keep front and center, take a cue from Vika and employ some hanging clips to display your favorites.

MFT stamp storage Keeway Tsao #mftstamps

A simple white basket is Keeway’s preferred method of displaying her collection of background stamps. Use pockets to label them or, if you’d rather store them without pockets just add your label to the back of the stamp. Keeping them out in the open encourages you to dig through them to find just the right pattern for your next project.

Before you go, be sure to stop by the blogs of these members of our Creative Team for more ideas about

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5 Days to an Organized Crafty Stash 2018 – Inks and Coloring Mediums

Craft supply organization — it’s something that’s ever-changing and always evolving. From the smallest nook to the most expansive dedicated craft room, we all are faced with the daunting task of organizing it all. For some of us, keeping our supplies in check is half the fun! For the rest of us, it’s a struggle that we’re forced to address. Regardless which side you fall on, I think we can all agree that having a method to the madness makes our precious crafting time a lot more fun and productive.

We’re not all fortunate enough to have a dedicated space so creative and accessible storage solutions are essential. The next five days are dedicated to providing tips, tricks, and ideas for making your stash the best stash it can be no matter your space!

Each day we’ll be focusing on a different component of your crafty stash — ink, stamps, Die-namics, card stock, stencils, tools, and embellishments…we’ll cover it all.

There are an endless variety of coloring mediums available to us. Ink pads and refills, markers and pencils, paints, watercolors, and crayons are broad categories that just skim the surface of the true diversity of supplies available to us. Having a system in place for storing and tracking your supplies prevents the need to pull out your entire collection at the onset of each new project.

We’re so envious of Julie’s storage system. With slots to store both ink pad and coordinating refill, everything is in its place. Punched circles of coordinating card stock help to visually identify the colors and match refill to pad. Additional slats hold her marker collection as well as an assortment of other ink options.

Ink storage Julie Dinn #mftstamps

Joy’s MFT stash is neatly labeled and stored on their sides to keep them compact and maximize her storage space.

Ink storage Joy Taylor #mftstamps

Amy’s MFT ink pad collection is easily accessible in a drawer. Her wooden trays feature channels sized to contain her ink cube stash to perfection.

Ink storage Amy Yang #mftstamps

Mini ink cubes, like our collection of ink cube sets or the Tim Holtz line of distress inks, are stored neatly within tins sized to fit in Joy’s craft room. Notice how she tucks the corresponding blending pad into the base of each color to make it quick and easy to access the designated pad as needed.

Ink storage Joy Taylor #mftstamps

Ink storage Joy Taylor #mftstamps

Julie’s collections of watercolor supplies and Gelatos are neatly contained in easy-to-remove storage containers stowed neatly within her shelving. Simply slide the appropriate container from its spot when needed!

Watercolor storage Julie Dinn #mftstamps

Gelatos storage Julie Dinn #mftstamps

Keeway’s Copic insert slides perfectly into the top tier of her rolling cart for easy accessibility. That orderly rainbow of color is positively irresistible!

Copics storage Keeway Tsao #mftstamps

Vika stores her Copics in a handy bag. The markers are corraled, easy to see, and instantly portable for on-the-go coloring!

Copics storage Vika Salmina #mftstamps

I know you’re ready to jump into the fray and start your own organizing efforts but FIRST, head to our team blogs for a more in-depth review of their storage — you won’t be disappointed! When you’re ready to work on your own inks and coloring mediums, grab our printable ink labels HERE, and ink charts to track your collection HERE. Happy organizing.


5 Days to an Organized Crafty Stash 2016 – Craft Room Organization


It’s been a fun week of organizational tips, storage ideas, free downloads for labeling, inspiration, and of course sales! We hope you are feeling excited about getting things tidied up and organized, and we hope there’s a happy little MFT box making its way to your home with some new things you’ve purchased from our promotions this week!

For your reference, here are direct links to the ideas we’ve featured all week long.

To round out the week, we’re excited to share four craft spaces and a few tips for taking everything you learned this week and putting it all together in a cohesive and pretty space!


Whether it’s big, small, or portable, the key to a well-oiled craft area is making sure that everything has a place and the things you use most are easily accessible. And as we’ve been hammering home all week, labeling is a definite must! If you do the work ahead of time to get everything in order, cleaning up shouldn’t take too long.

Let’s sneak into Julie Dinn’s craft room in southern British Columbia first…

Jule Dinn craft room #mftstamps

Julie opted for dark wood in her space for a sophisticated look. To the left of her desk chair you can see that she uses this shelving unit from IKEA. The dimensions are perfect for stashing your refrigerator bins and lots of odds and ends. It fits 12×12 paper just right! You’ll also notice that Julie utilizes the space above with a rack for all kinds of glitter and embossing powder. In Monday’s post, we discovered that Julie spray paints her ink storage system to match — a great way to customize your space!

Jule Dinn craft room #mftstamps

Natural light is a must for color matching and intricate coloring, and Julie’s space has plenty of that! Here you can see behind her desk chair, she has a table space for trimming and die cutting with ease. Make sure to give yourself enough space to maneuver. And in the foreground you can see Julie’s glorious card stock tower from yesterday’s post.

Alright, let’s head south to Phoenix for a look at Karolyn Loncon’s space. I’m sure she’ll greet us with a glass of wine while we take a look around…

Karolyn Loncon craft room #mftstamps

Karolyn has a white craft table from Pottery Barn (that you can find HERE) as the heart of her craft area. She uses it as an island in her room, but you could easily back it up to the wall in a corner of your guest room. The shelves on the left hand side are great for storage and by using colorful bins, you can add pops of color to your room. She got hers at Lowe’s, but you can find them in many places like Target or Walmart. Paint a chair to match and add some black and white damask for some flair.

OK, now it’s time to put on your winter coat after our time in sunny Phoenix and head to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan to visit Debbie Olson’s creative studio

Debbie Olson craft room #mftstamps

Debbie is a Copic Marker queen as you can tell from her awe-inspiring collection of markers. When there’s one product that you use frequently, it’s always smart to keep it out in the open and within arm’s reach. You can see that Debbie has a lot of cabinets and drawers to stash away other things she doesn’t need as often. Debbie’s space is a walk out basement, so she, too benefits from natural light.

Debbie Olson craft room #mftstamps

This is the business end of Debbie’s space. You can see her computer and printer to the left and a light tent for photographing finished projects to the right. Her MFT card stock is stored in the filing cabinets beneath the computer area, and on the counter you can see her clear stamps, sewing machine (which she uses mostly for paper projects), and a glorious rack of ribbon. What fun it would be to grab a cup of cocoa and learn some tips from Debbie in her room!

Alright, it’s the last leg of our trip, and we are off to the Salt Lake City area to take a look at Susan Opel’s girl cave

Susan Opel craft room #mftstamps

Susan lives with her sister (who crafts, too!), and their walk out basement is filled with natural light and lots of fun. The center island of the space is two pub height tables from IKEA pushed together to accommodate Beth (who stands while crafting) and Susan (who sits). At each end of the table there is a bowl for random die cuts, a personal light, and an office supply holder for often used tweezers, scissors, and adhesives. On the far wall you can see doors that used to cover the laundry space that were repurposed and turned upside down. The slats from the door are perfect for displaying finished cards, and the top area has space for Die-namics on magnetic sheets.

Do you love it or WHAT? It’s so fun to peek into craft spaces and get brand new ideas! Be on the look out for Periscope broadcasts today from MFTland that just might give you a live peek into a craft space or two. You can follow MFT on Periscope HERE or by searching for @mftstamps.

PrintLeave a comment below, and we’ll choose two randomly selected people to win a $50 gift certificate to the My Favorite Things boutique to fill add to your craft space. All winners will be announced on Monday, February 15th, so make sure to check back to see if your name is on the list!

Before you go, be sure to stop by the blogs of these members of our Creative Team for a further look into how they organize their craft rooms.


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Go forth and organize, my friends! And if you post on social media what you’ve done, we’d love to take a peek! Tag #mftstamps so we can see.

5 Days to an Organized Crafty Stash 2016 – Card Stock & Stencil Organization


Are you ready for another day of great organizational tips? We are having so much fun sharing a wealth of ideas. Sometimes it’s the simplest thing that will spark an a-ha moment. Hopefully our lessons in organization are fueling your desire to get things together in your craft space!

We’ve covered inks, stamps, and Die-namics, and now it’s time to attack your card stock and stencil collection. We’ll be covering how to label and store these two things as well as some super ideas for card stock scraps and 6×6 paper pads. Get ready for a whole lot of inspiration that will have your mind reeling with all of the possibilities!

If you don’t have time to attack organization at the moment, be sure to pin our ideas for future reference. Here we go!


The card base is the foundation for our handmade greetings, and while we often cover it with delicious stamping, adorable die cuts, and creative techniques, it wouldn’t  and couldn’t come together without card stock.

It seems like we never have enough card stock, doesn’t it? We keep collecting all of the yummy colors searching for the perfect shade. Good thing My Favorite Things has a vast catalog of delicious card stock colors, right?

PrintIn order to help you find the perfect color, we provide FREE (yes, free!) downloadable PDFs on our blog listing all of the colors of our Heavyweight Card Stock Sampler and our Prestige Card Stock Samplers. You can find them HERE. Download and print these color charts for easy use.

If you scroll down the page linked above, you’ll also find comparisons of the colors by color family. We do our best to take the guess work out of crafting so that you can get straight to the creativity!

Karin creates a ring of small tags in each color which she has labeled with the names of each shade. This is a great idea for moving around the colors to see how they look together. And you’ll have fun creating it!

Card stock inventory #mftstamps

Let’s look at some of the ways that you can store your card stocks. Kimberly uses these magazine holders from IKEA. They are sturdy and made of untreated wood, so you could easily customize them with a little spray paint to match the color scheme of your area.

Card stock storage #mftstamps

Our snowbird Karolyn says that card stock is one of the items that she duplicates in both of her craft rooms. She quips, “One of my biggest crafty fears is that I’ll run out of card stock. That is not likely to happen any time soon!” She stores her card stock in magazine holders from The Container Store, but you’ll notice that her holders are stored horizontally rather than vertically like Kimberly’s.

Card stock storage #mftstamps

Susan stores her card stock vertically too, and adds labels to each container. You’ll notice that everyone seems to store by color. It just makes sense!

Card stock storage #mftstamps

Francine stores her card stock in a plastic box in the original packaging. She puts the name of the card stock on top so she can flip through the packs and find what she needs. This allows her to keep the scraps in the packaging.

Card stock storage #mftstamps

If you’ve got the space, you can go big like Julie does! Julie stores her card stock in a literature organizer from Storex. With this much space, she has the luxury of one color per slot. Let’s all head over to Julie’s house this afternoon!

Card stock storage #mftstamps

Julie also has a few slots for specialty card stock. She keeps all of the silver card stock (for example) in one slot. Each type of specialty card stock is stored in its original package, and each pack is labeled for easy identification.

Card stock storage #mftstamps

Now let’s talk scraps! It’s hard to part with even the tiniest bit of paper that is the PERFECT color, but how can they be tamed? Karin sets aside an 8 1/2″ x 11″ page protector for each color family to separate everything neatly.

Card stock scraps storage #mftstamps

And then she puts all of the scraps in a magazine holder on her desk for easy access. It’s a great time saver for sure.

Card stock scraps storage #mftstamps

In Julie’s card stock tower seen above, she has a labeled sheet protector where she stores her scraps. Having the scraps on top of the full sheets helps her to remember to use her scraps before pulling out a full sheet. Super smart!

Card stock scraps storage #mftstamps

***Keeping it real alert***

Ah, yes. This is what you might feel your craft room looks like. Karolyn admits, “If there’s an area where I need some serious organizational mojo, it’s in my scrap bin. I store all of my scraps inside a large plastic drawer unit. Right now it’s so full, I can barely shut the drawer. And there is no organization to it, whatsoever.” Yep, don’t feel bad. One thing at a time. Hopefully Karolyn can benefit from some of the ideas in this post.


***Back to our regularly scheduled organizational tips***


Now that we carry SUPER cute 6×6 patterned paper packs, we have another handy resource for you! Each of our patterned paper packs comes with another FREE (yes, free!) downloadable PDF with Color Reference Guide for matching our card stock. You can find them HERE.

They come in handy 5 3/4″ squares that can be adhered to the back of the pad or you can do what Julie does below. Julie downloads and prints the color reference guide, backs it with gray card stock and places it in a 6×6 page protector like the ones we sell HERE. She stores her paper packs upright in a bin, and the page protector precedes each pack.

Paper pad storage #mftstamps

But wait — there’s more! On the back side of the color reference guide, Julie has the perfect spot to store scraps from the paper pack. SO clever!

Paper pad storage #mftstamps

Kimberly keeps all of her paper packs in a basket that she found during back to school sales. It makes it easy to flip through and see which type, color, or style she is looking for!

Paper pad storage #mftstamps

OK, so let’s talk stencils. Julie stores her stencils in 6×6 page protectors, too. She usually buys two of each of the stencils so she can use one for messy mixed media projects using inks, pastes, and paints, and the other one can be kept clean for embossing. And of COURSE they are labeled. And do we have preprinted label templates available for our stencils? Oh, indeed we do! You can find them HERE.

Stencil storage #mftstamps

Kimberly places her stencils in 6×6 page protectors, too, and puts backing paper from the acetate paper pack in between. A great way to repurpose and save a few dollars! She then binds them all together using binder rings like these HERE that you can find in an office supply store.

Stencil storage #mftstamps

Wow! Lots of fun ideas to get card stock, scraps, patterned paper, and stencils under control. Looks like there’s going to be a fun weekend of organization on tap!

If color is your thing, please join our MFT Color Challenges on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of every month! And as always, we have a great color resource for you with all of our past color challenges linked HERE.

To make it even easier and more fun for you to pump up your card stock and stencil collection, we have this AWESOME deal to entice you! But don’t delay – it’s a one day only sale. Please note: This sale is good on in stock items only. No rain checks. Excludes brand new. Shop from our vast rainbow of card stock and cool collection of stencils.

card stock, stencil, storage sale #mftstamps

Here’s a look of some of the great variety of card stock and stencils that you can add to your stash! Click the pictures to be taken directly to the MFT store.


Leave a comment below, and we’ll choose two randomly selected people to win a $50 gift certificate to the My Favorite Things boutique to stock up your card stock and stencil collection (or whatever you want!). All winners will be announced on Monday, February 15th, so make sure to check back to see if your name is on the list!

Before you go, be sure to stop by the blogs of these members of our Creative Team for more ideas of how to organize your card stock, scraps, and stencils.


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Now, who wants to get organized?

5 Days to an Organized Crafty Stash 2016 – Die-namics Organization


We hope you’ve been inspired by our posts so far this week! It’s exciting for us to share our ideas with all of you. While there isn’t one right way to organize and store your supplies, it’s almost as fun as crafting, right?

It seems like every time I work on organizing, I uncover some product I’d forgotten about, so sometimes getting organized can spur your creativity. And if you’re feeling overwhelmed, just tackle one thing at a time. Maybe it’s storing your Die-namics that is the most pressing need. If that’s the case, we’re here to help!


PrintWhenever it’s time to organize, labeling everything is key. In an effort to make things easier for you, we have a SUPER handy resource available to you for FREE (yes, free!). Our Die-namics are organized in a downloadable PDF that is compatible with return address labels. You can find it HERE. Now you can take a lot of the grunt work out of getting organized. So COOL!

Let’s take a look at some of the great ideas the MFT Creative Team has for labeling, organizing and storing their Die-namics.

One of the simplest things that you can do when storing your Die-namics is to place them in the same pocket with the stamp set for which they coordinate. It’s smart, practical, and saves a lot of time and space!

Die-namics storage #mftstamps

Many of the Die-namics from My Favorite Things arrive at your home on a piece of magnet. The magnets hold everything in place, and they often fit quite nicely in our small and large Clear Pocket Storage. We also sell magnets that perfectly fit both sizes. You can find our Magnet Packs in the store HERE.

Die-namics storage #mftstamps

Debbie uses thick magnetic sheets with pre-punched holes to store her Die-namics. While she doesn’t use the holes (which you’ll see later), you definitely could place them in a small but sturdy binder. You can see that each STAX set is labeled using a label maker.

Die-namics storage #mftstamps

Francine sorts her Die-namics by shape, and stores them on these super awesome magnetic sheets that were created just for her! They are 11.7” x 8.3” and are made of a sturdy cardboard and heavier magnet sheets. 

Die-namics storage #mftstamps

Then she stores all of her dies in 2 grey RÅSKOG trolleys from Ikea. Her MFT dies are on top of each RÅSKOG so she can easily flip through her MFT Die-namics collection.

Die-namics storage #mftstamps

Anna sorts all of her Die-namics by type, for example: alphabets, Blueprints, critters, florals, and numbers, etc.

Die-namics storage #mftstamps

Francine takes her organization to a whole other level by creating an inventory of all of her craft supplies on her computer. She uploads images of everything she gets from MFT,  and saves them in an MFT file with the name of the set. Sometimes she adds keywords (Halloween, birthday, clouds, scene, die), and she says that it makes searching for something in particular easier. Below is a screenshot of a search for “STAX,” and she could easily see all her STAX Die-namics. This can also be done for stamps, inks, and card stock.

Die-namics tracking #mftstamps

Once Anna has sorted her Die-namics, she creates dividers for each category and stands them up in a VARIERA box from IKEA.

Die-namics storage #mftstamps

Karolyn places her larger die sets such as Blueprints and STAX sets in large Clear Pocket Storage. You can see that everything is clearly labeled with the help of her handy label maker.

Die-namics storage #mftstamps

Julie is one smart cookie. Once her Die-namics arrive, she cuts every die and places the cuts inside the large Clear Pocket Storage envelope. This allows her to see how each Die-namics will cut making it easier to decide what to use. Genius, right?

Die-namics storage #mftstamps

Kimberly places her Die-namics in two sizes of Clear Pocket Storage and stands them up in the clear and sturdy refrigerator bins mentioned in yesterday’s post about storing stamps.

Die-namics storage #mftstamps

Karolyn uses CD dividers (also mentioned in yesterday’s post) and stores her Die-namics in refrigerator bins. You can see that she’s labeled everything and sorted them by type.

Die-namics storage #mftstamps

Julie’s Die-namics filled pockets are stored side by side in the double version of the refrigerator bin. I bet it’s heavy, but the bin is made of a very sturdy plastic.

Die-namics storage #mftstamps

Debbie uses the same bin and stores not only her Die-namics, but also her steel snips for separating the Die-namics as well as a few 6×6 paper packs and her label maker.

Die-namics storage #mftstamps

If being able to see everything all at one glance is more your style, you can do like Barbara does. She displays her  impressive collection of Die-namics on the doors of the closet in her craft room. One way to cover a lot of ground is to use magnetic vent covers like the ones HERE that you can find at the hardware store.

Die-namics storage #mftstamps

So great, am I right? And I have a confession. My Die-namics are in a shambles, so this gives me a TON of amazing ideas.

To make it even easier and more fun for you to add to your Die-namics collection, we have this AWESOME deal to entice you! But don’t delay – it’s a one day only sale. Please note: This sale is good on in stock items only. No rain checks. Excludes brand new. Shop from our wide variety of Die-namics — including  some of our most popular dies: Blueprints and STAX.

Die-namics Sale

Here’s a look of some of the amazing Die-namics that you can add to your stash! Click the pictures to be taken directly to the MFT store.


Leave a comment below, and we’ll choose two randomly selected people to win a $50 gift certificate to the My Favorite Things boutique to stock up your Die-namics collection (or whatever you want!). All winners will be announced on Monday, February 15th, so make sure to check back to see if your name is on the list!

Before you go, be sure to stop by the blogs of these members of our Creative Team for more ideas of how to organize your Die-namics.


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Now, who wants to get organized?

5 Days to an Organized Crafty Stash 2016 – Stamp Organization


Based on your reaction to Monday’s post, I’d wager a guess that we all have some organizing to do. And isn’t it fun to get a peek into the minds of some of the most creative people out there? It’s like our own little reality show right here in blogland!

Today’s post is one that I’m sure you’ll love — neatly organizing your stamps. Let’s see how some of the members of the MFT Creative Team organize, label, and sort their stamp collection.


PrintWhenever it’s time to organize, labeling everything is key. In an effort to make things easier for you, we have a SUPER handy resource available to you for FREE (yes, free!). Our stamp sets are organized in a downloadable PDF that is compatible with return address labels. You can find it HERE. Now you can take a lot of the grunt work out of getting organized. So COOL!

Let’s see what other great ideas the MFT Creative Team has to share!

Debbie stores her clear stamps in clear envelopes like the ones that you can find HERE. Many people wonder what to do with the larger sets that don’t fit in the envelope, but she simply leaves it open at the top to accommodate the taller sets.

She then creates a title sheet for each set using the logo and a screen shot. That way she can see at a glance all of the stamps in the set. You’ll notice that she also indicates whether the set has coordinating Die-namics on her title card. Coordinating Die-namics sets are stored in the envelope with the stamp set, so that she doesn’t have to search for them.

Stamps storage #mftstamps

Julie also prints out a graphic of the set to easily see everything. Her double labeling of this set indicates that the coordinating Die-namics is included in this envelope.

Stamps storage #mftstamps

Julie uses the same storage pockets that Debbie does, but her approach to the larger sets is different. For the larger stamp sets, she cuts her own acetate sheets to fit within the pockets. The stamps easily fit on the wider sheet. Julie also clips apart the coordinating Die-namics and puts them in one of our smaller clear pockets before slipping them behind the stamp set. You can buy them HERE.

Stamps storage #mftstamps

Once the stamp sets are all carefully stored in their plastic sleeves, you’ll want them to be easy to access and take up as little space as possible. Julie (as well as many of the other members of the Creative Team) stores her stamp sets in clear plastic bins made for food storage — they are the PERFECT solution for stamp storage. Thanks for the tip, Jennifer McGuire! As you can see, they are clear which makes for a streamlined look. You can buy them HERE.

Stamps storage #mftstamps

Karolyn uses the same concept for storing her stamp sets, and she uses music store dividers like these HERE to separate stamps by subject matter/category. What a cool idea! Within each category, the stamp sets are sorted alphabetically. She labels her stamps and the subject dividers using a label maker.

Stamps storage #mftstamps

Debbie uses pretty decorative dividers to give her stamp storage a style all its own. What a fun way to dress up something that could otherwise be simply utilitarian.

Stamps storage #mftstamps

Do you sometimes have a stack of favorite products that you want to have out on your table so that you can dive in with all of your creative ideas? Kimberly places hers in a shower basket that she found at Target. Great idea to always be on the lookout for things not related to crafting that would meet your organizational needs.

Stamps storage #mftstamps

If you want to store your background stamps separate from your clear stamps, we have a couple of good options for you to consider. Kimberly stores hers upright in a refrigerator bin and another basket that she found at Target.

Stamps storage #mftstamps

Julie labels her background stamps and places them in 6″ x 6″ page protectors like THESE.

Stamps storage #mftstamps

And then she places them alphabetically in a single wide refrigerator bin like this one.

Stamps storage #mftstamps

Good stuff, right? Now you’re ready with a whole lot of ideas to tame your stamp collection!

To make it even easier and more fun for you to pump up your stamp collection, we have this AWESOME deal to entice you! But don’t delay – it’s a one day only sale. Please note: This sale is good on in stock items only. No rain checks. Excludes brand new. Shop for Clear Stamps or Cling Red Rubber Stamps as well as Clear Pocket Storage.

Stamps sale #mftstamps

Here’s a look of some of the great stamps sets and backgrounds stamps that you can add to your stash! Click the pictures to be taken directly to the MFT store.


Leave a comment below, and we’ll choose two randomly selected people to win a $50 gift certificate to the My Favorite Things boutique to stock up your stamp collection (or whatever you want!). All winners will be announced on Monday, February 15th, so make sure to check back to see if your name is on the list!

Before you go, be sure to stop by the blogs of these members of our Creative Team for more ideas of how to organize your stamps.


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Now, who wants to get organized?

5 Days to an Organized Crafty Stash 2016 – Ink Organization


Craft room organization — it’s something that’s always changing and always evolving. Whether your space is mini, massive, or mobile, taming the stash is something we all work on. Suffice it to say, sometimes we spend more time organizing than actually creating!

Since we know that you’re always in search of ways to better store products and organize your area, we’re taking this week to give you tips and tricks and great ideas for making everything easily accessible, usable, AND pretty. Get ready for so many great ideas you’ll be excited to organize your space!

Each day this week we’ll be focusing on one portion of your crafty stash — from ink and stamps, to Die-namics, card stock, and stencils. And we’ll round out the week with a little peek into the craft spaces of a few MFT Designers. So buckle up and get ready to be inspired!


In your never ending quest to find the PERFECT color, it’s likely that you’ve amassed a rather large collection of inks, and for the colors you love the most, you may have purchased refills as well to make sure that you never run out. But how do you organize everything to make the most of your collection AND find just the right color when you need it? Let’s take a look at a few great ideas from the MFT Creative Team.

One of the cardinal rules of organizing and storing ANYTHING is to properly label everything. You can see that Julie has labeled each color of ink that she stores in ink storage from Stamp-n-Storage. She also has a dot on top of her refills in the coordinating card stock color for easy identification. Very smart!

Ink pad storage #mftstamps

The storage systems from Stamp-n-Storage come as bare wood, so Julie simply spray paints hers to match the furniture in the rest of her room.

Debbie has carefully labeled all of her inks by color, and she stores her pads upside down to keep them juicy. Looks like she started labeling right side up and then got the brilliant idea to have her labels upside down so that when the pad is upside down, the label will be right side up!

Ink pad storage #mftstamps

Karolyn takes the guess work out of color by creating a chart with the ink colors so that she can easily choose the perfect shade for what she is going for. If you follow this link HERE you can download a handy dandy chart similar to Karolyn’s to do the same with your inks.

Ink color tracking #mftstamps

Kimberly also stores her inks in a system from Stamp-n-Storage. You’ll notice that she uses the top of the unit for paintbrushes, markers, and colored pencils. When working in a small space, going UP is one of the best secret weapons to make the most of a space.

Ink pad storage #mftstamps

Kimberly organizes her inks by type and by color (which is so pretty!). You could also organize by name as well. This particular unit includes a spot for refills. Very handy!

Ink pad storage #mftstamps

If you don’t have a spot for your refills like Julie and Kimberly do, you can easily do what Karolyn does. In a well-labeled clear plastic box, you can store your refills and then simply stash them somewhere you can grab when you need them.

Ink refill storage #mftstamps

You’ll notice the AZ/WA notation on the container. Karolyn splits her years between Arizona (in the winter) and Washington State, so it’s necessary for her supplies to be portable and packable. For many of us who aren’t able to dedicate an entire room to our creative pursuits, this type of storage is a fantastic solution.

When stamping with ink and stamps from My Favorite Things, it’s likely you’ll be tempted to color those images with markers, so we want to make sure to share some ideas for that. Julie’s robust marker collection is stored by color and type in Marker Nooks from Stamp-n-Storage. Again, the bare wood is easy to customize with spray paint to match your space. Imagine them in aqua or sunny yellow!

Marker storage #mftstamps

Debbie keeps everything in reach along the wall in her craft space. Her inks are stored in some repurposed old QuicKutz cabinets. They don’t make these any more, so she’s not sure what she’s going to do when she runs out of space. Sometimes you can find the perfect storage solution by browsing second hand stores or even your attic or garage. You just never know what you might find that would work!

Marker and ink pad storage #mftstamps

To make it even easier and more fun for you to pump up your ink stash, we have this AWESOME deal to entice you! But don’t delay – it’s a one day only sale. Please note: This sale is good on in stock items only. No rain checks. Excludes brand new. Shop Premium Dye Inks, Hybrid Inks, and Pigment Inks.


Here’s a look of some of the great inks and refills that you can add to your stash! Click the pictures to be taken directly to the MFT store.

PrintLeave a comment below, and we’ll choose two randomly selected people to win a $50 gift certificate to the My Favorite Things boutique to stock up your ink stash (or whatever you want!). All winners will be announced on Monday, February 15th, so make sure to check back to see if your name is on the list!

Before you go, be sure to stop by the blogs of these members of our Creative Team for more ideas of how to organize your inks.


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Now, who wants to get organized?