TLC Information

General Terms for a TLC membership

What do I do?

Every customer who has spent $200 or more in the past twelve months automatically qualifies to become a TLC Member. A membership is valid until the end of the year in which it became effective. In January of the next year we look at your balance of the past year. Is it still above $200 you keep your membership for another year. If not, your membership expires. Your balance however doesn't expire. We keep looking back over a full year's period. Placing a small order might be enough to re-qualify.

After I've "hit the mark", when will I qualify?

Entries become effective within the first week of each new month.

What counts to reach the $200 mark?

The "Total:" value at the bottom of each order, minus shipping and sales tax. If you purchase a Gift Voucher, then that value is also included. If you cash in a Gift Voucher, it will not count as there is no "Total:". Be aware that shipping and sales tax are still deducted, like with orders for which you paid the full amount. If part of your order is paid with a Gift Voucher Balance, and part is paid at checkout, only the amount paid at checkout will count toward your mark.

Where can I see how far I'm off the $200 mark?

Unfortunately you can't find a counter on our site, telling you for how much you ordered so far. You will have to use the information from your order history and a pocket calculator.

I've hit the $500 mark! What now?

Congratulations!  You've earned a special place in the MFT family!

How do I know if I'm a TLC member?

If you are a TLC Member, you'll receive special promotional emails and savings, on occasion. that we offer only to TLC Members.  The biggest advantage is that you are able to see our New Release products ONE HOUR earlier than everyone else!

Are there exclusions?

Wholesale customers and DT members are excluded from the TLC membership. These customer groups have their own special perks.