What's Up Wednesday? (10/29/08)

Hi all!  I wanted to show you how I use my Peerless Watercolors and Perfect Palette.  I used a small square punch to punch out sections of my Peerless Watercolors and mounted them to an 8.5 x 11 sheet of cardstock.  This way I can see my entire color palette at a glance and when one square is used up, I can restock that color.  I also wrote the color name below the square swatch and put a touch of the color next to the name so I will know for sure what color I’m grabbing.

The biggest reason I really love these watercolors is that by using my Perfect Palette, I can easily blend the pure color with water to achieve the exact color match I’m looking for!

I use the palette for my watercoloring, but also for Copic Marker blending as well!  I can’t describe how incredible this palette is, you’re simply going to have to take my word for it until you get it in your own hands and explore.

So What’s Up for THIS Wednesday?  How about a free Perfect Palette with orders over $40 from now until midnight Friday?  SImple mention Perfect Palette in the comments section, and I’ll take care of the rest!!

I also have a bunch of cruise news to post including the fabulous ladies I got to spend time with, so stay tuned!

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