Teaser Day 3 – Pure Innocence

Happy Monday!  Did everyone have an amazing long weekend and Holiday break?  We did!  Yesterday we did absolutely noting but watch movies.  Can you believe I had NEVER seen Sound of Music?  Seriously, how did I survive?  It was awesome and we had a great cuddly kind of day!

Today is the start of the Pure Innocence Teasers, and I know everyone is bursting at the seems to see what’s new this month.  (Psst…I might have a few of the sold out sets back in time for the Wed night release!)

This month we are releasing 5 new PI sets:

Start the Day with “whee”! – You can read more about this sweet set HERE.

My Umbrella

My Basket of Eggs

A Boy & His Dog – Snow Adorable

Tweeny-Tween – Frosty Friends

Since I know you NEED to see some previews, here are the DT Members showing off these Fab 5 today:

Sherrie Siemens

Barbara Anders

Susan Liles

Jody Morrow

Megan Lock

Joanne Basile

Christina Fischer

Frances Byrne

Cindy Haffner

Julie Dinn

Jessie Rone

Melody Rupple

Michele Boyer

Kathy Daume

Amy Sheffer

Now, is there a dry chin (or eye for that matter) in the room?