Teaser Day 2 – It's a 3-Fer!

Today we are previewing Truffles Flopsey, Love Machine and some new Digi Stamps & Paper! I don’t normally preview sets for Teaser Days, BUT, just this once (today at least) I actually MADE something!  WOOT! This card is for the hubster, and uses one of the new Robot Digi Stamps, and the Robot Digi papers releasing Wednesday, December 2nd.  It also uses the Licorice Gate Fold cards, but I’ve turned it around to make it kind of an easel, clever, huh?  Actually it was hubby’s idea, so I can’t take credit.  Hope he likes it! Here is another card using another Robot Digi Stamp, and more patterns from the Robot Digi Paper Collection * the Gate Fold cards again! This is the first time I’ve actually printed out and used a Digi stamp, and it was crazy easy!  I still prefer the *hard stuff* but I had no trouble coloring these in, and love them! NEED more???  Click HERE: Kerry J. Kathy Julie D. Jessie Megan L. Bonnie R. Kelli H. Erin S. Lisa H. Chris V. Melody Barbara Cindy Frances Joanne Michele Jody Eek, there is TOO much cuteness in blogland today!