Summer School Session Three Winners


MFT_DT_SusanOpel_200pxThough My Favorite Things Summer School has officially come to an end *sob*, we hope that you’re still applying the principles we taught in all three of our sessions. We really enjoy hearing how you’re taking the lessons to heart and making beautiful things!

Before we announce our 10 winners, I wanted to share some wonderful feedback we received from you, our readers.

From Ruth Gauss on the blog – “Thanks so much for the best summer school ever!”

From Donna Rinckel on the blog – “I’ve had such fun learning new things with the summer school. I didn’t get to participate as much as I had hoped but I’ve enjoyed the lessons and the fun cards produced!”

From JaneenK on the blog – “Thanks for these classes. I haven’t had time to even look at them until this week and thought I would play along as a way to say thank you for doing this. I’ve learned a lot even though I’ve been stamping for thirteen years.”

From Diane on the blog – “I’ve enjoyed this series of classes so much, thanks for doing this summer school, MFT! I can’t wait to see what September has in store for us!”

From dotjiris on Instagram – “Enjoyed all of the lessons. Definitely learned some stuff!”

And now, for that moment you’ve been waiting for… the announcement of our winners from Session Three! In addition to being featured on today’s blog post, each one of these ladies will receive a $50 prize voucher from My Favorite Things!


Handmade card from Elizabeth Sarkisyan.

Elizabeth Sarkisyan created this pretty AND clever shaker card using the repeated elements of the circles (from Blueprints 23) and the flowers (from Modern Blooms). Her saturated color choices and placement of all of the elements gives a sense of movement and balance. Well done, Elizabeth!


Handmade card from Diane Jaquay.

Diane Jaquay‘s winning entry has an awesome story behind it. The stamped floral piece on this card was actually a leftover from her entry for the repetition challenge. Diane says, “Too often I end up tossing things, so I’m always very happy when I can incorporate them into another card.”

In creating her card Diane remarked, “After I’d assembled the elements on the right side of my asymmetrical card, it looked off balance to me so I incorporated Yoonsun’s tip of adding a strip on the left side.  That did the trick, and the card felt perfectly balanced with the addition of the black and white patterned paper strip.  I love the things I’m learning in MFT Summer School!” And a gold star for Diane since she managed to have a winning entry in all three sessions of MFT Summer School!

Hard vs. Soft

Handmade card from Larissa Heskett.

Larissa Heskett did a phenomenal job pairing hard and soft elements in this lovely masterpiece. As she says in her blog post, “I’ve used felt to create my flower cluster design, and then I added a few buttons to the centers to help harden the design a little! I think the elements balance really nicely between hard and soft. What do you think?” We think it’s GREAT, Larissa! And the stripes add a hard edge, too.

Color Saturation

Handmade card from Pauline Adamson.

Pauline Adamson‘s winning card in the Color Saturation challenge shows a pretty rendition of a card using deep color saturation. We’re delighted to see that Pauline played along all week with our five challenges.

Color Temperatures

Handmade card from Diana Nguyen.

Diana Nguyen created this breathtaking card by using the warm colors yellow and orange for this gorgeous bouquet of flowers using the Lily Die-namics. Diana says, “I went with a warm color scheme in honor of this hot hot hot weather we have been having.  It’s a stretch for me as I prefer blues and greens but it’s good to stretch my creativity a bit.” I think you’ll agree that she should stretch herself more often!

Congratulations also to the following five participants who were randomly selected to each win a $20 prize voucher from My Favorite Things!

MeganBeth | Greta H. | FoleysFriend | JaneenK | Amber P.

All winners: Please send an email to with your preferred email address so that we can send you your voucher!

Don’t forget to take away the My Favorite Things Summer School Session Three Study Guide. Download it HERE, and then print it. It will be a handy tool that you can refer to as you design!

blank dividerAnd in case you missed the any of the lesson from MFT Summer School, you can find the fifteen classes at the links below:

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Session Two: Gallon/Quart/Pint | Complementary | Primary | Secondary | Monochromatic

Session Three: Repetition | Symmetry/Asymmetry | Hard vs. Soft | Color Saturation | Color Temperatures

Thanks for a fun summer of learning! Class dismissed.

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blank dividerSusan R. Opel, Creative Ambassador for My Favorite Things