Storage box deets and Stephanie Fizer news!

I promised some pics of the storage cases, and how many sets they each hold, so here are some up close pics!  Inside this one case, I have 3 sets.  Two 4 x 6 sets and 1 4 x 8 set.  The boxes are 4 x 6″, so in order to add the stamp sets, I trimmed the edges of the plastic sheets the stamps come sandwiched between.  Be careful not to snip your stamps though!  For the 4 x 8 set, I basically cut the set in half, again, not cutting the images, just dividing the sheet into two pieces.  There is still some room in this case, so I really could add another MINI set if I wanted, just to give you an idea of the room inside.

They will be sold, starting tonight during our release party, held HERE!

I am playing around with different labeling options, and the most effective for me has been to put an avery label on the top back of the case, and write the set names enclosed inside.  I’d love to hear your ideas as well!

They will be sold in sets of 4, retailing for $12.  The reason for this is simply that I will have to ship them in boxes to avoid them being broken in transit, and need to make it as cost effective as possible so I can offer them to all of you!

I also wanted to let you know there has been much more demand for the Stephanie Fizer sets than I anticipated with my wholesale accounts, so these are in limited quantity.  These include Peppermint Cats, A Scarf for Three and Christmas Owls.

Should you order the October collection, there is a possibility that one or more of these sets will be backordered, and should that be the case, we will ship them separately at no additional cost to you.

I know many of you want to take advantage of the Free Shipping Promo for the next 48 hours, so I am leaving the October Collection on the site, and taking a minute to make you aware that these will sell out, and keep you in the loop!

I’ve ordered more, but it will be about two weeks before they come in!