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The MFT Brand Spankin’ Newsletter?  It looks like this, and is located on the right hand side of my blog, just above the ranking buttons:


Want the Brand Spankin’ News?

If you don’t already get the Brand Spankin’ News, then let me tell you what you’re missing…EVERYTHING!  We send out a newsletter each Wednesday at midnight announcing the WUW Hook Up and the First 50 prize, so you will always be the FIRST to know!  And you hafta be in the know, right?

Trust me…this week is our biggest promo EVER and the biggest First 50 prize EVER so you will want to KNOW!

Go sign up now so you don’t miss it!


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Yes mam we do!  We have the winner for the and then I said…BC Dzyns set!  Angie G, please email me at with your address and I will pop it in the mail for you!

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Janna is Hot-to-Trot!

Isn’t this the cutest!  Each week, we have a WUW challenge, and then each month one Hot-to-Trot designer is selected to help us kick off the BC Dzyns release!

Janna will join us as the December Hot-to-Trot designer, so let’s give her a big, warm welcome!

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Celebrate MFT Day!

Hi all!  Today is Celebrate MFT Day!  You can find out more about it by reading Jody’s post HERE. This card was made for my MIL, and features a couple of older sets, Build a Bouquet and Sassy Sayings.  Sometimes it’s nice to pull out older sets and show them a little love, don’t ya think??

Tonight is also the TWILIGHT release!  Who hoo!!  Who’s going at midnight????

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and then I said…the new BC Dzyns set is HERE!

Hi all!  Today, the new BC Dzyns set, and then I said…is released with a HOP!  A blog hop that is! I am kicking off the duties with this lovely card featuring the new set and some other new goodies. Next you’ll hop along to Amber’s blog, and then keep on hopping until you get to our VERY FIRST EVER Hot-to-Trot Designer, Joy Stagg!!!  I am not linking her blog since I wanna make you hop along, I can’t lead you to the candy right off the bat, can I?  I mean, don’t you wanna work for it??

In addition to the new set, this weeks WUW HOOK UP is a fabulous product bundle!  There are only a few and when they’re gone, they’re gone, but just read through the list of all that’s included for $43.45!

*The new and then I said… BC Dzyns set

*A Complete Edition Peerless Watercolor set

*1 yard each of our fabulous Glimmer Ribbons in 15 assorted colors (These won’t be released for regular purchase until December)

*Our Glimmer Brad/Flower collection, which includes 6 each of all 5 Sheer Shimmer Flowers and 6 each of all 5 colors of our Glimmer Brads! (60 pieces in total)

*Perfect Palette

*My Favorite Things Clear Stamp Storage Case to house your bundle

*A $5 gift certificate toward your next order!

Can you believe all of that???

But wait…there’s MORE! We’ll have a new WUW Challenge, hosted by Natalie Dever and a new How’d They Do That? tutorial from Jessie!  

And now that you are utterly chomping at the bit, it’s time to announce this weeks First 50 Freebie!

Last WUW, the First 15 lasted about that long in minutes, so we thought we’d make it easier, and give you a better chance at scoring a freebie!

This weeks First 50 is an Inkssentials White Gel Pen.

And you’ll definitely NEED one after seeing what Natalie Dever has in store for you today with her WUW Challenge.

You don’t need to do a thing to receive your goodie, just make sure your order number is below 7126 and you automatically qualify.

Now hop on over and check out all the lovin’ we’ve got in store!

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Did you see this??

Isn’t this beautiful!!!!  it was created by Suzy Tyler, and you can check it out in her gallery here.  I love the fall colors and how she combined the different images in the set to create this terrific layout!  Wow Suzy!!!


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What in the world have I been doing?

I have been creating sample boards for my Reps and brick and mortar stores!  60 of them to be exact, with 6 fronts each for a total of 360 card fronts.  WHEW!  While they are super simple, the sheer number of these has had me completely overwhelmed and now my work is DONE.  Hubby is adhering them to the board itself and I had help glueing layers from B and her BF Craig (remind me not to let teenagers layer card fronts again…).  This week they will be mailed off to all the Reps for MFT and the stores that have requested them so far.  I will probably end up making more of these for the brick and mortar stores that carry MFT, but wanted to get the bulk made and shipped before Thanksgiving.  I am so THANKFUL to be finished!  Partially at least since I won’t be truly finished until the last one has shipped.

Thanks so much for all your well wishes on my last post.  How heart warming!  In addition to the comments, I received so many beautiful emails.  It meant SO much!  We were really attached to him, you know, sometimes you just bond with pets in a deeper way than normal and such was the case with Hoodster.  I am bonded with all of our pets of course, but sometimes there’s just a deeper connection than others, ykwim?  I’ll hafta post pics of all of our other creatures as a happy animal post soon!  

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Goodbye little guy…

Meet Houdini…aka Hoodster, Hoodalacker, or any one of a hundred funny nicknames.  He is our beloved pet rat.  Yes rat.  Put aside for a moment that he’s a rodent, and just think beloved pet.  

Houdini came into our lives in an odd, and fateful way.  While heading upstairs to go to bed last Thanksgiving night, through our large window that overlooks the front yard, I saw a little white scurry at the edge of the road, and that little white scurry sharply turned and walked up our driveway.  Of course I had to investigate!  He promptly walked into our hands when we placed them on the concrete of the driveway and into our home he went!

Brianna and I have had many pet rats over the years, they are clean, nesting (no flight risk means no chewed wires and mad escapes like hamsters), and very loving animals.  But there has never been, and never will be, another like Hoodster.  He was truly a lap dog in a rodents body.  You’d walk into B’s room and he’d hop to the top of his cage nudging at the door at the top of the cage wanting you to open it.  Then he’d put his head up and close his eyes for a long petting session!  He literally would curl up in your lap and hang out for hours.  He was, truly, a loved and loving family pet.

As rats often do these days (since they are bred for food and not as pets) Houdini developed a tumor which went from grape to golfball in 3 days.  After a trip to the vet to confirm cancer and see what our options were, we were saddened to hear that that form of cancer he had was quickly replicating, and even surgery to remove it would be at best a very short term solution.

Yesterday we took Houdini back to the vet and had him put to sleep.  His tumor in another 3 days had doubled and the light in his eyes had turned to tiredness.  Today we will of course have his “service” as we do with any animal transistion, to say goodbye and allow the girls a chance to grieve.

So, while I know this is a personal post, and has nothing to do with cards or stamps, I wanted to share with you a little piece of our lives and our hearts, and say goodbye to a little love…

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Did you see this?

Is this not the most clever use of this set you’ve ever seen??????  Seriously!  I’m in love!  Created by nd pattycake on SCS, I HAD to show it off to all of you!!

One of the features for WUW is an I Spy feature which will have us perusing the gallery for incredible MFT Customer Creations!  I hope you’ll enjoy a second look at some MFT eye candy, as well as being recognized as some of the best stampers out there!

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Welcome to YOUR Brand New What's Up Wednesday!

Hi all! Welcome to our Brand Spankin’ New WUW!!! Here are the deets for Wed., Nov 12th:

The WUW Hook Up! - Now that you have your NEW MFT cupcakes, we want to offer you a super special deal so you can “frost” them. I mean… really… who likes PLAIN cupcakes? Not us! Until midnight tonight, we will be discounting EVERYTHING in our store that can be used to color your cupcakes by 10%!

That’s right, 10% off EVERYTHING used to color! Included are: Copic markers, Twinklette glitter markers, Peerless watercolors, Pearlescent watercolors, Prismacolor pencils, White gel pens, Spica glitter pens, and Shimmerz!

Simply enter code COLORITIN when placing your order, and the 10% will be deducted off ALL coloring mediums! This coupon is valid on Wednesday, Nov 12th only! Ready to shop?

The First 15 - Orders under number 6985 will receive a FREE Quickie Glue Pen! And you’ll want one after seeing what Joanne has in store for you with her How’d They Do That? tutorial!

How’d They Do That? - You’ve asked for tips, techniques and how-to’s, and here they are! Tomorrow, you’ll notice a brand new sub-Forum called How’d They Do That? That is where our techniques and tutorials will be posted for easy access. Up first is the lovely Joanne Basile with some fancy goodness you can create using your Quickie Glue pen with Paper Piecing AND embossing!

Weekly Challenge - The challenge will be posted early Wed morning, so make sure to check back and play along! You might be the next We Pick 3 winner!

I SPY - Some MFT eye candy! MFT customers are the most talented in the land, and we’ll be starting a new thread tomorrow to toot YOUR horn!

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