Our Favorite Finds – 2/23/10

Welcome back to Our Favorite Finds, the day that the MFT Blog features all of YOUR beautiful work. We’ve been busy checking blogland, and galleries for the best MFT work this week, and just look at all the gorgeous samples we found!

Don’t forget that each of the photos below contains a direct link to either the blog or online gallery of its talented creator.  Please be sure to leave the girls some love on their projects.

This is our last Our Favorite Finds for the month, because next week will be Preview Week for the March Release.  Hooray!!  Check back on March 9th for two weeks of favorites!  Because, after all, you never know when YOU might be our Favorite Find of the week…

30 Responses to Our Favorite Finds – 2/23/10

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    Many of these are actually directed at youngsters –
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    pocket knife says:

    While I prefer a slightly larger knife for some tasks, the Grip is as big as the law allows in many states and can do whatever you need it to do.
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    canon 70d says:

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