Ornaments for the Nursing Home

Today is the day that Emma’s class visits the nursing home, stopping along the short walk from her school to the nursing home to sing Christmas Carols!  I can’t wait!  I promised I’d show pics of the ornaments we ended up making, they are very simple since there was mass production involved, but it was nice family time!

Here is Emma stamping, sans clothes as you’ve come to expect.  Maybe by 6 she’ll keep them on??? PLEASE????  

Here’s a blurry close-up of Em hard at work.  It was her job to stamp the snowflake!

Here are Brianna and Craig, it was B’s job to add the Quickie Glue Pen dots, and Craig’s to add the glitter.  It was Mom’s job to supervise and take pictures, and Dad’s job was to paint them white!

Here is one of our finished ornaments.

Here is our table full of ornaments, exactly as many as we need for the residents of the nursing home.  I hope they will enjoy them, and it will bring a smile to their faces.  Handmade love is the very best, isn’t it?

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