NSR – Proud Mama Post

There are some occasions that warrant boasting about your children, and moments that deserve praise when they stand up and stand out for themselves and the world around them. Last Wednesday, one of Brianna’s friends, Kendrick Rowe, died in a fatal car accident.  It was sudden and beyond tragic, and it shook B to the core to lose a friend. KJ, as he was best known, was an A-B honor roll student, and a sought after football player for Eustis High School.  He was scholarship bound with a bright future ahead.  And a bright spot in the lives of all who knew him. KJ’s Mom is a single parent of three children, all of which are bright students and good people.  They are not a wealthy family, but even those of us more monetarily fortunate do not plan or save for a child’s funeral. Brianna wanted to help.  So, she organized a fund-raising effort.  She and her friend, Ashle, created posters and t-shirts, and alongside a few more friends started collecting money to help KJ’s Mom cover the funeral expenses. So far they’ve raised $243.50, and my guess is that total will rise a bit as there continue to be donation baskets in several local locations.  Brianna will be making her check out directly to the funeral home and hand it to KJ’s Mom at his funeral this Saturday. I hope it will help B as she grieves the loss of her friend.  And while I know there is nothing that will touch the grief KJ’s Mom feels at the loss of her child, I do hope knowing how many people loved KJ enough to ACT in support of him will be a healing salve on her broken heart. And look at this!  There’s even an article in our local paper about what the kids are doing! Daily Commercial article about B and her friends.  Wonder who called them???  :)