My How You've Grown…

I’ve received so much feedback about our latest Who’s That Girl set, My How You’ve Grown, (available today in our VIP Collection, or on February 1st as part of our February release) that I wanted to tell all of you how the set came about.

Many of you know I have an older daughter, Brianna, who recently turned 18.  To say it’s been an overwhelming turning point for me would be a serious understatement!  I have gone through the gamut of feelings the past several months as I thought about this birthday and what it represented; that her childhood was officially over, and her adulthood was just beginning.  Why I had/have/am having such a hard time with this I don’t know, but this has been a very emotional experience for me in both joyous and sad ways, and it’s not over yet!

When Brianna was very little, she always loved for me to sing her a lullaby at bedtime, but there are only so many choruses of “Lullaby, and good night…” a Mom can bear, so I started singing her a song that had reminded me of her even before she was born, My How You’ve Grown by the 10,000 Maniacs.  Odd name for a group, yes, but a heartfelt and beautiful song (WARNING: Do not listen to it unless you’ve got tissues handy!)

So every night, while cradling this little red head in my arms, I would sing the words “No little girl can stop her world to wait for me…” and to this day, I still cry.  There is just so much emotion for me in that line.  Maybe for every mom?

For a very long time I’ve felt like WTG needed to be a Mom, but every time I tried to envision how to make it work, it just wouldn’t.  Over the last few months, with Brianna very much on my mind, I started to reflect on how quickly the time has passed, and then the idea sprang to life!  I knew then exactly what I wanted!  A set that could grow in as many ways as our children, nieces, nephews and grandchildren do.  Then the set came together effortlessly and I am thrilled with how it turned out.

Thanks to all for the sweet and touching emails and comments about this set, and I hope that my sharing of how it came about will make it all the more precious. <3

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