MFTv Be Amazing Bokeh Effect Card


“Bokeh” in photographic terms indicates a slight blur or shift in focus. It’s an intentional look to add artistic effect – not the result of a shaky hand 😉 Mimicking bokeh with stencils and ink is a simple task as long as you’re prepared with the right materials and a quick technique tutorial. In our project this week, that intentional blur adds a softness to the card that is reinforced by subtle color choices and the warmth of the gold paper and ink. Choosing a mixed media or watercolor paper as your base is the key to preventing warping.


Watch the video HERE to see this card assembly start to finish or just click play below.

So easy, right? Give it a shot and share your results by tagging us on Facebook and Instagram. We know you’re doing incredibly creative things and we’d love to be challenged and inspired by your creations.