MFT's Perfect Packaging – We'll Change the Way You Gift!

Hi all!  It’s time for the Mid-Month Hop Around the Block, and this Hop is extra special since we are introducing a Brand Spankin’ new way to gift…PERFECT PACKAGING!  A new product and two new sets that are geared toward gift giving.

Since many of us are looking for ways to make gift giving both more personal and more cost effective, we set out to find a solution to BOTH!

Our Perfect Packaging system starts with our first product, a clear 16 ounce plastic jar designed to house lots of different gift items, from homemade to prepackaged, and you’ll see lots of ideas right here on the Hop!

It works with all of your existing sets of course, but we wanted to elevate it another notch and be the first to offer custom stamp sets, sized to work with the Perfect Packaging jars!  Ingenious really, and I can say that since it wasn’t my idea. (Thank Carole and Jody who each played a part in the origination of Perfect Packaging)

For my Perfect Package, I used the Time for the Bubbly Label Set, along with the Chocolate Kiss Papers and Ribbons, adorned with a Spring Button.

Inside, I added some homemade bath salts using this recipe:

1 3/4 cup of Epsom Salts

6-8 Drops of Olbas Oil

While I can’t break down for certain the EXACT amount I spent, I’d bet big money even with the $3 cost of the jar that I am well under $5 for the total project.

Hmmm, sweet gifts for under $5?  Sounds like a WINNER to me!

Next up on the Hop is CAMMIE, and I can’t wait to see what she has in her jar!

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