MFT's Fabulous Friends – Carolyn King

Happy Monday to all!  I hope some of you are enjoying a LONG weekend!  Today I have a fun feature to share called MFT’s Fabulous Friends.  Our first Fabulous Friend is Carolyn King, aka Cammie aka Camster aka Craphead.  All spoken most lovingly of course! I thought it would fun to ask a few questions of our Fabulous Friends and pick their brains a bit, so here’s what I came up with. Q:  What is your signature move?  Is there one style or technique that seems to adorn your every creation? Cammie:  Honestly, I am not sure I have one.  I tend to tire of one style of card so I change mine up a lot, depending on my mood.  I love CAS, detailed coloring and really detailed creations.  If I had to pick one thing that adorns MOST of my creations, I would have to say scallops.  Love em! Q:  What’s your favorite MFT set and why? Cammie:  My favorite MFT set has always been Boho Blossoms because it is very versatile and you can use it with so many other sets.  I love the Twisted Sentiments because they are craptacular!  But, I am really digging the new PI images too. Sigh! Indecision. Q:  Any funny stamping stories?  Glitter mishaps??  SPILL! Cammie:  Who me?  That stuff doesn’t happen to me.  I can assure you my every stamping experience has been a neat and tidy success (roll eyes!).  However, I will share that in my “early” days, I did walk around for the bulk of a day with a flower adorning my bum.  I must have sat on it in the morning and it STUCK with me all day. Gotta love good adhesive (wink!) Now who’s ready to see what Cammie created?  I am!!! Featuring You Make the Grade and AlphaDOTS Cammie created this SWEET little pail.  Don’t ya LOVE those gingham hearts?? Isn’t that delightful???  Sigh.  I can just imagine this pail filled with pencils and erasers and sharpeners and markers.  OR, filled with candies (especially truffles) or bath & body pampering items, the options are just endless! Next up Cammie created this super sweet card using Grow Love and our Easter set, What’s Crackin’, that will be released Wednesday, Feb 17th (along with our VIP Kit).  I LOVE how she combined these two sets to create a spring card that is so fresh and fun! You can visit Cammie on her BLOG and I hope you’ll pop over and leave some love for her, letting her know you think her Fabulous Friend projects are precious!