MFT's Fabulous Friend – Jen Del Muro

This week we are back with a new Fabulous Friend, Jen Del Muro!  A fun fact that you may not know about Jen is that she was the first ever person (besides me!) to post a card using an MFT image on Splitcoast.  Fun, huh?  So we go WAY back, and it’s a pleasure having her join us today, so welcome Jen!

Before I show off her amazing work, I thought it would be fun to get nosy!

1) What is your signature move?  Is there one style or technique that seems to adorn your every creation?
I have a very clean style that is enhanced with layers.  I love using ribbon, buttons and twine along with stitching on a project.  In addition, I can’t think of the last time I did a project without using a punch or die cut machine.

2) What’s your favorite MFT set and why?
You aren’t going to get me to profess my love for just one single set.  Of course, I absolutely ADORE ‘Nite, Nite Ellie’ simply because it’s cute and an idea I had using my daughter, Ellie, as the muse.  I love all the different lines that MFT carries for different reasons, as they are fresh and fun to work with.

3) Any funny stamping stories?  Glitter mishaps??  SPILL!
Bet you didn’t know that stamping could be dangerous!  I am sure that many of you, like me, have cut your finger on paper or a blade.  But have you ever split the top of your foot?  I have…yes, seriously!  It was a complete fluke.  I was cleaning my mounting blocks and one slipped out of my hand, hit my table and took a tumble to the floor, hitting my foot along the way.  The corner of the block met the bone at the top of my foot and my skin split open, a small split, but still a very painful one.  Fortunately, it was in the summer so I could wear flip flops that wouldn’t rub on my stamping boo-boo.

And here’s what Jen created using Lovin’ from the Oven & Sweetie Pie Flopsey

Thanks so much for joining us!  And if you’d like to see more of Jen’s work, check out her BLOG.  Make sure you stop by and let her know how much you’ve appreciated her sharing these gorgeous samples with all of YOU!

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