MFT Fabulous Friend Sharon Harnist

Happy Monday all!  I am thrilled at the Fabulous Friend joining us today is Sharon Harnist!!!  WOOT!  Be sure to check out her creation here, PLUS she has a little something to show you on HER blog as well.  You won’t want to miss it. But, before I show off her amazing work, let’s get nosy! What is your signature move?  Is there one style or technique that seems to adorn your every creation? I’ve never known exactly what my style is!  I guess I usually lean more towards distressed / shabby chic / embellished rather than clean & simple one-layer things!  And of course I love to color – you’ll usually see some kind of coloring on my creations, so my Copic markers are always close! What’s your favorite MFT set and why? It’s hard to pin-point a specific set but the Pure Innocence and Jolinne collections are my favorites.  I adore these girls – probably because I’m Mom to two girls myself! Any funny stamping stories?  Glitter mishaps??  SPILL! Actually my oldest daughter, when she was about two, DID spill a whole jar of  Perfect Pearls powder!  Oh my goodness, she was covered in sparkle from head to toe and I was finding it EVERYWHERE for months!  Other than that, when I first started stamping, I swore I would never color images – I just wanted solid stamps I could stamp with one color!  I quickly got over that, once I tried coloring, LOL!   Also, when I first started trying to use Copic markers over three years ago (before there were so many online tutorials, education and Certification classes), I failed miserably with them!  I guess there’s something to be said for practicing, right?!! What do you hoard? I’m trying not to hoard too much of anything any longer because I have TONS of patterned paper I USED to do that with!  So now I’m really trying to use the new papers I get (they are a weakness of mine!), before they get too old and/or aren’t produced any longer! Now… on to the eye candy!  Sharon created this project she dubbed “treasure box girl”.  Any mom knows that kids tend to collect “treasures” of all kinds, and Sharon had her daughter in mind when she created this gorgeous project.  It is made of matchboxes and can house anything from tiny treasures to bugs she finds.