MFT Fabulous Friend Libby Hickson

Happy Monday all!  I know that Monday’s, for us workin’ folk, are not always THE most popular day of the week.  HOWEVER, with the MFT Fabulous Friend Feature on Mondays, I know it’s easing the pain. Right?

This week I am EXCITED to have Libby Hickson joining us!  WOOT!  Now, before I show off her GORGEOUS work, let’s get nosy!

What is your signature move?  Is there one style or technique that seems to adorn your every creation?

I have an uncontrollable obsession with polka dots!!  I cannot seem to make a card without them ending up on there in one form or another.  I’m really not sure how this happened.  But I truly cannot break the habit.  It’s a sickness, I tell ya!

What’s your favorite MFT set and why?
Oh such a hard question!!  I guess the one that was absolute love at first site and I had to buy immediately was Serenity Now.  I actually bought it when it came out and then informed my hubby that HE had just bought it for me for Valentine’s Day!  (Thanks Dear!)  I also love the one I used today, Lovin’ from the Oven.  I love to cook – some friends even call me Libby Crocker.  HA!  And my favorite of your stamps with heads are the Pure Innocence line – they just make my heart melt with their cuteness!!

What do you hoard?
I’m probably answering this the same as many a stamper has before – ribbon!!  I just can’t seem to get enough of it.  And even though I have more ribbon than any one person should own, I STILL cannot find the perfect ribbon for a project all too often. So I must buy MORE!

Here is Libby’s perfect “recipe” using Lovin’ from the Oven:

Sigh.  Isn’t she dreamy???  PLEASE take a moment to stop by Libby’s BLOG and leave her some love!  You MIGHT even get a peek at another MFT creation!

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