MFT Fabulous Friend – Carole Burrage

Happy Monday all!!  I am thrilled to have one of my favorite people joining us today as our fabulous friend.  I’m SURE everyone remembers Carole, and her amazing quick wit, not to mention her colorful design style!  So before we unveil her fantastic project, let’s get nosy: What is your signature move?  Is there one style or technique that seems to adorn your every creation? My signature move? Wow, Kim, that’s kinda personal… but since you’re so dear to me, I’ll spill the beans:  see, I do a Kegel, then I wink and say “Kachow!” like Lightening McQueen. What?  You mean signature STAMPING move?!  Oh… how embarrassing!  Well, if there’s anything I’m consistently known for, I think it’s my embrace of *BRIGHT* colors.  In clothes, stamping, and life, I tend to look on the bright side of things.  Glass half-full and all that good stuff. :) What’s your favorite MFT set and why? Oh, man, that’s a toughy.  There are so, so many — I have nearly every single MFT set and I adore them all.  I love love love WTG — I tend to create with her in my image; I’m pretty sure that if she were ever to appear with her head, you’d see she has short blonde hair and glasses.  I’m also crazy about the Amanda Baird line, and think she must be genetically talented or something (she’s my niece, you know).  The Twisted Sentiment sets have given voice to many of my own warped thoughts.  But my all-time-#-1-favorite has to be Cuddle Up Carter, inspired by my adorable son, and which for the first six months of its release raised money for EuroPeds (a physical therapy program for kids with cerebral palsy that is near and dear to my heart).  That set is also evidence of what everyone in the stamping community knows: The MFT Lady is a generous, kind, and caring kinda gal.  I love her! Any funny stamping stories?  Glitter mishaps??  SPILL! Well, I have been known to make cards that would make Caligula blush, most of them as an… er… um… tribute to my dear friend and former MFT team-mate, Carolyn King (aka Cammie, Camster, and Cammie Toe).  Speaking of Cammie, some of you may have heard the rumors that we’re planning a reunion tour in the future at some point.  I can neither confirm nor deny that.  Further questions regarding MFT’s Madams of Mayhem should be referred my publicist and/or legal counsel. Stamping, in general, has wreaked more havoc in my life than any other endeavor besides childbirth that I can recall.  I have spent countless hours and heaven knows how much money on this hobby.  It’s destroyed my figure (what dedicated stamper has time to exercise?!) and has caused me to miss flights and pull all-nighters (something I didn’t even do in college or law school).  But it’s also helped me through rough personal patches and found me lifelong friends.  In the end, I’d say that’s more than fair trade! Carole used Coffee? Tea? this create this fabulous project… Isn’t this fabulous?  Please make sure you stop by Carole’s BLOG and leave her some love letting her know how much you appreciate all of her “sharing”!