MFT Academy: Coloring On Kraft with Prismacolor Premier Pencils

Welcome back to the MFT Academy!  Inge is your Guest Professor today and she’ll be showing you how to color on Kraft card stock using Prismacolor Premier Pencils.

When coloring with Prismacolor Premier pencils on Kraft card stock, no additional solvents or tools are necessary, the pencils will actually blend themselves.  Prismacolor Premier pencils contain a high-quality color pigment and have a creamy consistency. The more layers you add, the better the colors will blend together.

I hope you’ll sharpen your pencils and follow along with today’s tutorial!


Step 1. Cut a piece of Kraft card stock measuring 11 x 4.25, score and fold to create a card base.

Step 2. Stamp the image and a matching sentiment.

Step 3. Using a ruler and a fine liner, draw a frame 1/4 inch from all edges.

Step 4. The following colors will be used for the skin tones: 914 Cream, 940 Sand, 939 Peach, 927 Light Peach, 943 Burnt Ochre.

Step 5. Apply a base layer of color for all areas of skin using 914 Cream.  Color in little circles and make sure the entire surface is colored.  Try to avoid coloring onto the stamped lines wherever possible.

Step 6. Once you’ve colored all the skin, it will look like this.

Step 7. Using 940 Sand, color all the skin again.  This creates a warm underground for your final colors.

Step 8. Color all of the skin again with 939 Peach.

Step 9. Using 927 Light Peach, you will color with small circles to blend all the colors.  Don’t worry, while the color doesn’t look great at this point, it will come together quite nicely in just a few steps.

Step 10. Add shadow using 943 Burnt Ochre, continuing to color in small circles. The shadow would appear where there the least amount of light is. Assuming that the sun is directly above the head, the shadow would appear under the hairline, just under the chin, along the underside of the arm, and where the pants would cast a shadow on the legs.

Step 11. Next, blend softly with 939 Peach.

Step 12. Once the skin is finished, using 935 Black, add the black lines for the eyes back into place.  You can also fill back any areas of the stamped line that has inadvertently been colored over.

Step13. The skin is now complete, and we’ll move onto the hair.

Step 14. For the hair, we’ll use 914 Cream, 1002 Yellowed Orange, 1032 Pumpkin Orange, 944 Terracotte, 947 Dark Umber.

Step 15. First, fill in all areas of the hair with 914 Cream.

Step 16. Using 1002, add small strokes where the shadow begins.  For example, just where the pony tails begin and under the edge of the flower in the hair.

Step 17. Repeat with 1032 Pumpkin Orange.

Step 18. Repeat once more with 944 Terraccote.

Step 19. Lastly, repeat using the darkest color, 947 Dark Umber.

Step 20. Blend together using 1002 Yellowed Orange.

Step 21. Add highlights with 914 Cream just where the sun would touch the hair from above.

Step 22. For the clothes, we will use 938 White, 1069 French Grey 20%, 1072 French Grey 50% and French Grey 70%.

Step 23.  Apply a base color of 938 White to her clothes.

Step 24. Using 1072 French Grey 50%, add shadows.  On this image, you’ll find shadow under the ruffle of the shirt, along the outer edges of the pant leg, and where the jar would cast a shadow onto the shirt.

Step 25. Intensify the deepest areas of shadow using 1074 French Grey 70%.
Step 26. Blend using 1069 French Grey 20%.
Step 27. Add very small white lines surrounding your image to indicate motion.
Step 28. Next we will create grounding using 1005 Vert Lime, 1097 Moss Green, 947 Dark Umber and 938 White.
Step 29. First, draw a few blades of grass using 1005 Vert Lime.
Step 30. Next, using 1097 Moss Green, add blades of grass between the Vert Lime blades.
Step 31. Next, add additional blades using 947 Dark Umber.

Step 32. A few lines of 938 White will add a bit of highlight to the grass.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this tutorial and that you will be inspired to try your hand at the technique. Use the keyword MFTED4 in your gallery upload on Splitcoaststampers so we can admire your creations!

If you have any questions, please email, and we’ll be happy to help you!

You’ll find links to the products used in today’s tutorial just below:

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    Joan VanCourt says:

    Oh my, thank you so very, very much for this tutorial. It was FANTASTIC. Beautiful card.

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    Rachel Parys says:

    This is a great tutorial!! First of all, I LOVE kraft paper! Secondly, I have been wanting to break out the colored pencils too! I enjoy coloring on kraft paper, and this gave me some great inspiration!

  3. 3
    AJ says:

    so awesome- LOVE this!

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    TaraG says:

    Oh Inge, this is gorgeous…LOVE this sweet card…your colouring always blows me away…STUNNING! Can’t wait to try it!

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    Monique1971 says:

    Such a fun tutorial Inge, love the way you color. So pretty! Thanks for showing so clearly :o)

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    JoAnn B. says:

    Great tutorial. Can’t wait to try coloring on Kraft. I think it looks fabulous.

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    cornelie says:

    Really great!! Missed the workshop, but I can do at home with this great tutorial!!
    Thanks Inge!

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    zehra says:

    wow, this is wonderful tutorial, thank you so much Inge, I am going to try this out.

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    Kathy Camasso says:

    So cute! Thanks for the tutorial!

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    Tricia Barber says:

    This is fantastic. Thanks for the details and the pictures. Really learned a lot from this! Thank you for sharing!! Beautiful card — you make it look so easy!

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    Thank you so much for this tutorial. It was amazing and is boosting my confidence to try new techniques.

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    you’re amazine, Inge! wow!

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    Bonnie Weiss says:

    Excellent, EXCELLENT tutorial. Nice to get away from Copics for a change and still see amazing results. Thanks for the tutorial.

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    MaryAnn says:

    Thank you for the tuturial…

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    Jenny Naus says:

    This is great, love your coloring! I’d love to learn how to color like this!

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    My Prismacolor pencils have been gathering dust, but you’ve inspired me to take them out again. This tutorial is WONDERFUL!

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    Linda aka Oz says:

    Thank you so MUCH! I have won two online card contests with pencils on kraft and never once stopped to think to lay down a base. OMG you have just changed my world. Bless you.

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    Chelsea says:

    Wonderful! Thank you so much for this excellent tutorial! I can’t wait to try these coloring techniques. Brilliant!!

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    Ellen says:

    Fabulous tutorial! tfs

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    Lisa says:

    I love your work, and love how you blended the colors with colored pencils. I can’t thank you enough for this tutorial and reminding me I don’t always need to use my copic markers to achieve this finished look.

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    Leslie says:

    Excellent tutorial! Love all the details and the photos and the end result is fantastic! Must try this myself :)

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    Abc says:

    The hair just looks weird

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    Shelly says:

    I enjoyed the tutorial so much, that I shared it on my blog. (Yes, with link-backs!) :)

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    FABULOUS tutorial, Inge!! Thank you! :)

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    FABULOUS tutorial, Inge! Thank you! :)

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    Brenda Helman says:

    Love these tutorials and stamps! Adorable!

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    Perla Pervan says:

    Thanks for the tutorial… I tried and I’m pleased with the result. I didn’t have all the colors but I managed.

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    Karen says:

    I did this tutorial last weekend and LOVED it! Great directions and my cards turned out so nice. Thanks for posting this!

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    Naida Rivera (@x_o_t_ca) says:

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    DebH says:

    Thank you so very much for this Prismacolor pencil tutorial!!! I adore images on kraft paper and just haven’t quite been able to get the skin coloring right. This was truly a fantastic pictorial lesson. Thanks again… you’ve been so helpful.